A Demon's Paradise


A Demon's Paradise,

Moyin has isn't a good person, never has been. In her life, she has had more blood on her hands than a little bit, more than she would be comfortable admitting, and her past was filled with things that most would consider traumatizing.

However, when she died, she awoke in a world that was much worse, where the modern era of politics and assassinations seemed tame in comparison, and where the true law of the jungle ruled. Yet she did not flinch back or falter. Instead she faced forward with her head held high, and her main goal in mind.

To have the peaceful life she yearned for in her past life, she would have to wade through her enemies, and brave the worst trials life could throw at her, all while dealing with those who stode to erase her existence from history, and the annoying prince that just wouldn't leave her alone.

Follow her journey to the top, and to the simple life she aims for.

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