A Dragon's Rage


A Dragon's Rage,

Hell hath no fury like a dragon's rage. Especially when you're the poor fool who slaughtered his family.

When Rykirus is born, he is shown the evil that has tainted this world from the second his snout pokes out from his shell. With his whole family dead before his talons even touched the soft soil outside his cave, Rykirus is left with only his father's memories and a burning need for vengeance. Even if that revenge is carried out against one of the world's most populated races, humans. Even if he has to burn everything, he will do it. He will set the whole world ablaze if it means killing those who killed his family, slowly.

In this world where the strong thrive, where the weak are trampled and dying is more common than living, where the world is already chaotic. What happens when you throw a dragon in the mix. A dragon that has a hatred of humans from his very core.
Blood, Gore, Death. If you're sensitive to that stuff or you don't like it, don't read. The mc will hate humans, so lots of death involved.
I don't have a plot in mind. Just winging it.
Still in school so no updating schedule. Won't abandon without informing you guy first
First story. Hope you like it :)

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