A Love That Transcends Species Volume 1 Chapter 1 - Unexpected visitor

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Louis was in his office that overlooks the city.He was busy contemplating the recent activities that was taking place in the city.He was the alpha of their pack and it was his responsibility to take care of his subordinates as well as the people of the city.Their pack was the largest in the whole area of minnesota consisting of few thousand werewolves.They disguised themselves as humans and had been living among them for centuries.The normal lifespan of an average werewolf is higher than that of humans.And as compared to humans Louie was in his mid thirtees,a quite young age for wolves.He was 6 feet 5 inch.He was spectacularly handsome and made the girls go weak in their knees of both the species.He had short black hair neatly trimmed and stubble on his face.His face was sculpted like that of an immortal being.And there was a different vibe to him that made him noticeable always.His forefathers started the Scott corporation that started with construction firms but later expanded to even other sectors to provide for their own people.Now it is a multi National corporation,the CEO being Louise Anderson Scott.For centuries werewolves had only one mortal enemy:vampires.They had been fighting wars for years and will continue for many more years to come all within the human world without their knowledge.For years now it has been quite,but recently their has been some murders in the city which made him very worried.

He was deep in his thought when someone entered his office so he did not notice when his second in command beta Nathan tiptoed near him.They were childhood friends and thus shared a strong bond.Even though hierarchy is of utmost importance in their pack,whenever they were alone they behaved as comrade.They joked around but today Nathan realizing the cold aura in the room decided to keep quite.After a long time Louie realized that he was no longer alone.He looked at the intruder with a chilly gaze but seeing Nathan his gaze softened.But Nathan had a worried look as he was carrying yet another bad news as it was their own pack member this time.He was found dead and dismembered near an alley in the morning.This piece of news enraged Louie but this was not the end.He was bearing even more bad news.Their pack was largest but it was not the only one in the whole of Minnesota,the neighbouring pack leader wanted to meet him.Now they were not exactly in friendliest of terms as their way of survival was different.This news further aggravated him and he realized that the matter is more serious than he thought to bring out Iben from his cove.