A MC’s Change Of Fate


A MC’s Change Of Fate,

The MC finds himself in another world where magic and monsters are not fake but real. He died on the first day due to a lighting bolt. (how unlucky is this fella) Only to find himself drenched in cold sweat waking up from a dream. After his day of meaningful things (not really at all), he went to bed to only appear in that world again. But after a few incidents his fate changed completely ( I’m changing the title cause it’s not relevant to the story anymore)

IMPORTANT: This startup story is halted unless I decide to redo the thing which will improve it to a better standard of writing and new content but this will only happen like in a 1 of a billionth chance or like a chance where something like the apocalypse summoner situation occurs and also check out my new story The Hunted. Bye :3

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