A Modern Assassin In The Shinobi World


A Modern Assassin In The Shinobi World,

On the top of a building, there was a tall man dressed in black clothes, he was quite bulky and had a pistol in his right hand. He sat down and grabbed a piece of cloth on his bag and began cleaning a blood-stained dagger. After he finished, he took off the phone and made a call.

"I did it."

"Target. Is he down?"

"Asleep with a dagger in his forehead, he's probably going to feel that tomorrow. And the payment? Is it ready?"

"Well, you see, we had complications here, and we decided that there will be a delay on your payment."

"What the hell?! You gotta be kidding, you all think I'm a fool? I'm a professional, one thousand and fifty kills on me, and I never failed one! You better transfer the money or I'm going to have one thousand and fifty-one kills."

"Hahaha, you are really funny! Have you ever heard that saying? Dead man tell no ta-"

The black dressed man in a rage throws the phone away without hearing the rest of the phrase. He grabbed his tools and started preparing to leave, but when he began walking toward the staircase there was the sound of a door closing, 'I'm not alone anymore hm' he thought.


As his world was getting all red and the oxygen began leaving his lungs, there was only a thought on his mind...
'I was killed by a newbie.'

"Mortal, your rest is still far away from you."

'Wait, who the hell is speaking?'

"Watch your mouth mortal, I'm the God of Reincarnation and Rebirth and you shall hear my order. "

'How much do I get in this deal?'

"A wish and you will be reborn on your origin world, earth."

'Alright, who is my target?'

"A shinobi!"

Author's note: I do not own anything from the Naruto series they are owned by Masashi Kishimoto, but some of the events and characters on this fiction were created by me. Also, I would like to alert that English isn't my primary language so some mistakes must be expected and this is the first time I'm writing fiction so even though the story might be cool the way I'm telling it makes it all go to the trash.

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