A One Piece Adventure


A One Piece Adventure,

Lucas Lee was a 17-year-old boy from earth, since his childhood he was thirsty for adventure. He was a fan of One Piece since it was aired, somehow he woke up, Reincarnated as a normal boy in a village he does not know of.

Face with a question of what he should do?. He decided to be a crew of his favorite band of characters.

Thinking of the events that's supposed to happen in the near future, he decided to help the crew to avert some disasters that supposed to happen.

Follow Lucas on his dream to live his adventures that he always wanted.


I don't own one piece and all anime characters in this ff. I don't own the cover pictures.

There is no Cultivation system, or Overpowered Protagonist, just a simple story, but I promised you I won't skip a single arc. It's just one piece with a different perspective with an additional character thirst for adventure.

 I'm a College student and a new author, please give me your support. Thank You.

1 Chapter every day for now. It's our vacation so I might post 1 more if I'm not busy and in the mood. My chapters are usually long so fighting! Thanks.

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