Acting Anime Cool System Volume 1 Chapter 17 - CH 17 SCATTER Senbonzakura

Itachi was sitting cross-legged with the Zanpakuto on his lap. He wants to do jinzen. Jinzen is a training method that allows you to have a conversation when you use jinzen. You have to place the zanpakuto in your lap and meditate after some time. You will be able to enter your inner world and try to find out your name. zanpakuto. Knowing your zanpakuto name is the first step and when you know the name of your zanpakuto you unlock the first release shikai. Of course Itachi already knew the name of Zanpakuto but to draw his strength he needed to make Zanpakuto himself who mentioned his name. Shikai also known as the first release is the first "improvement" of zanpakuto. By calling the release call and the zanpakuto name you get the zanpakuto ability. Bankai also known as the second release is the last "increase" of Zanpakuto. This is the materialization of the zanpakuto's full power only by reaching bankai and practicing it perfectly the full potential of zanpakuto can be achieved. Itachi's mind was as calm as water without ripples. That is Jinzen's first step to peace of mind. After that he needs to feel the spirit in his zanpakuto. The perception of his soul is so great that he feels the spirit in zanpakuto immediately. After that he meditated and tried to make contact with his Zanpakuto. After 3 hours he finally entered his inner world. It is an amazing garden with lots of exotic flowers. In front of him was a tall man wearing Japanese samurai armor and a mask covering his face. "So you are my zanpakuto." Another Itachi "Here we will see if you can claim something like that." Answering Zanpakuto Both of them ran face to face with each other.


It's been 2 weeks now Itachi is practicing with his Zanpakuto. Every day he will do Jinzen and enter his inner world inside he will fight his Zanpakuto only with Zanjutsu. Zanjutsu is a sword art that is comparable to kenjutsu but it was made specifically for Shinigamis and hence zanpakuto. He first thought of buying some Bleach character experience but the price was too high he didn't forget that he had some of the Naruto bloodlines he had to buy and he wanted to save CP for the God of Nature. Because of that he chose to practice and develop with his own strength and rightly to say his progress in Zanjutsu was extraordinary. With his Sharingan he can remember any movements from Zanpakuto and with his extraordinary intelligence and natural talent skills he can improve his overall skills with a sword. His relationship with the Zanpakuto is much better too after the fight he will ask questions to him and sometimes they even relax in the garden and drink tea or sake. The relationship between the user and zanpakuto is very important only by having a strong bond that a user can bring the maximum potential of zanpakuto and advance further


CLINK CLINK *BLADES CLASHING* Itachi is currently crossing swords with his Zanpakuto spirit lately the battle results are more stringent. Every day he quarreled with him he would be more skilled and more refined. After each fight he will ask his Zanpakuto spirit what is wrong with his different attitudes and movements and after Zanpakuto says his mistake he will immediately fix it making him more skilled and difficult to fight. Today is a difficult battle. He ran towards his opponent. DESIR He made at least 9 tricks and attacked his target. The Zanpakuto cuts it and strikes back with the front piece. SHOOTING He made a trick to attack on the right then he disappeared! He appears behind him and swings horizontally. Zanpakuto evades reflexes but cuts on the mask. The two of them jumped back and looked at each other. All of these exchanges are carried out in an interval of 2.68 seconds! "You are worthy." Said simple Zanpakuto Itachi slightly bowed."My name is Senbonzakura. I will wait for the day you will use me." Senbonzakura Itachi said he opened his eyes out of his inner world and is now in the forrest. He drew his Zanpakuto. "Scatter Senbonzakura." He said his white Katana changed in millions of beautiful cherry petals they flew in front of Itachi. These petals are very sharp and tough the power of these petals is always connected with their soul. The more powerful the soul the more petals are. His training with the Zanpakuto was very beneficial for him. He increased his skill with his Shunpo sword better and even his soul strengthened. Itachi disables his Shikai. He has come to the Ten Thousand Mountains for 20 days.


Jasmine opened her eyes she decided to rest today so she did not know Itachi's training. Complex emotions surged in her heart every time she thought of Itachi. She was a little guilty of her actions against him. Even if he stole the blood of the Evil God he actually wanted to help himself and not ask for anything in return. However he could have taken the evil god's inheritance and left her alone at that time she was without defense. But he offered her an agreement that helped her and didn't even ask for skills or things related to cultivation. She knew that he was very strong and definitely had many things that seemed like Heavenly skills for him such skills would make him invincible on this planet. But she did not ask that question. He found the Purple Veined Crystal for her ... He even made delicious food for her whenever she wanted! He never complained about her ... Every time he was worried about her he always told her to "rest well". Almost every question she asked he would answer them even if it involved his strength. She saw last time that he was hesitant before explaining about the Heavenly Dragon and she understood because it was very dangerous to disclose such information but even then he told her ... This is proof of trust ... But she was on his side but what did she do for him ? The last time barrier? She will do it anyway. No matter how much she thought about it she did nothing for him. This thought made her very frustrated. She thought about giving him the Great Way of the Buddha but this Art was only possible for someone who had inherited the line / Profound Veins from the True God. "Maybe he has a special Profound Vein? After all the speed of his training is completely abnormal ... should I ask him?" She thought "But if I ask him he might think I want to know another secret ..." She hesitated. "I will only tell the truth to him." She thought Just as he told the truth to her she would also tell the truth.


Itachi was meditating when he felt that Jasmine was out of the Sky Poison Pearl. "Jasmine your cake time is in 2 hours go and rest for a while." He said his eyes closed. Jasmine smiled slightly her heart warmed up. "It's not about that ..." He slowly opened his eyes. "What can I do for you then?" He asks While she feels very warm because he cares for her an also feels guilty. "Always he takes care of me ..." she thought "Itachi I have Profound Art which I think will be very beneficial for you but I need to know whether you have a normal Profound Vein or not because one of the conditions is to have a Profound Vein of True Gods." She said Itachi looked at Jasmine expressionlessly. "So she decided to give it to me ..." he thought "my Profound Vein validates the requirements." He said simply Jasmine looked stunned. She hoped that he would not be able to fulfill the requirements. However the legacy of the True Gods is very rare! She told him but she hoped that he would say no then she had to think of other things to pay for. But he unexpectedly fulfilled the requirements! She is both stunned and happy. At least she can be useful to him now. He knew that the Buddha's Great Way needed extreme understanding but she felt that it would not be a problem for Itachi. It's just a woman's instinct. He took out a book and gave it to Itachi. "This is" Forbidden Heavenly Tome "that is the inheritance of the" God of Anger "True God from ancient times. You must understand this book to reach stage 1. This art does not focus on Profound Power or Profound Veins so this is a good time for you to understand it like what I said before does not affect your Profound Power but the blood meridians of your skin and hair muscles. It takes its strength from the soul and nature in the first stage it gives you an increase in 1500kg physical strength then increases at each stage you pass it also gives you regenerative abilities extraordinary. "She explained to Itachi Itachi nodded to Jasmine" Thank you Jasmine, it will help me a lot. " Itachi said Only these little words made Jasmine happy and made her beat fast. When he was ready to begin to understand the Forbidden Heavenly Tome he felt someone near them. He uses his Shunpo to appear where he feels someone. He found a woman who was fully clothed in her face was invisible because she had a veil on her face. He seems to be hurt. Itachi did not know who he really was but had some suspicion. "Could it be ... Little Fairy?" He thought

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