Adventure Of Tomorrow

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Adventure Of Tomorrow,

Ian Louis died whilst still only a young man. Being a company CEO, and one of the richest people of his age, he chose to do good with his fortune, donating his money to charity and building many hospitals and orphanages all around the world. But in his free time, he, just like many other youths, was a fan of anime/manga/novels. One of his dreams while still alive, is to be reincarnated in one of his favorite worlds on manga. The one piece world. He had a strong belief that it does exist. And he was correct as such a world does exist, and by a strange twist of fate and interference from a higher being his dream will come true.

Disclaimer 1: I do not own one piece. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content.
Note: the cover was drawn by a close friend of mine when i asked him for it. the guy drawn is the MC of the story.


This is my second time writing a story, and English is not my first language, but if you have any suggestions for me on where to take the story then please leave them on comments or reviews.
This is an AU of one piece.

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