Adventure Of Tomorrow Volume 1 Chapter 32 - Kuzan

Time passed and the straw hats were joined by another ship belonging to iceburg. The crew were now saying their goodbyes to the merry go as it had reached a point of no coming back. Even Robin appeared sad even though she did not spend as much time as the rest on the ship.

Ian was standing on the ship belonging to the galley-la company. He could do nothing but watch as the ship was burned by Luffy as he cried while the crew too were shedding tears. Ian's powers were not in relation to souls and spirits. Otherwise he wouldn't mind helping them, or at least do something to save the newly birthed spirit of the merry go. Sadly there was nothing he could do in this situation besides watch in this situation.

The rest of the guys gave them the time they needed for the Farwell, before finally heading back to water 7 once they were finished with that.

Ian had his plans sorted out from now onwards. As he was sitting on the yard of the main mast, he started to ponder on his plans from now on.

He would bid the straw hats and Robin goodbye first, of course only after tasting Sanji's cooking. There was no way he would be going without tasting it, he liked eating as evidenced by him eating in every stall on the islands he visited. He would of course ask Robin to join him once again later when they land, however he had the thought that she would refuse his offer so that she can join the straw hats.

Then after that he would be going to Sabaody archipelago as the next stop. Only to meet the legendary pirate Rayleigh, who is nicknamed the dark king, face to face and introduce himself. But more importantly to also ask if he is aware of what the diávoloi are. Rayleigh was and is still one of the strongest people in this world. He had to know something about them, even if only a little bit of information.

This subject had been on his mind ever since he had that encounter with the strong entity. From the original timeline, he knew that nothing was set to happen immediately as Luffy had trained for two years with no such weird happenings. But he had to ask Rayleigh, and if he does not know, than perhaps directly visit the old man Whitebeard.

And after Ian asks about that topic from Rayleigh, his next stop would be to just enter the new world, either traditionally by coating his ship and visiting the Fishmen Island on the way like every pirate crew does, or the alternative option available to him which is directly flying over the red line separating the two parts of the seas. Personally Ian was more inclined to directly fly over the red line to enter the new world even faster. As first of all, he did not want to visit the Fishmen Island on his own. If he did visit it had to be along some friends, so that they all can appreciate the mysteries and beautiful sceneries the island had to offer.

And secondly, was the much more important reason for why he will fly over the red line instead of coating his ship. It was due to a feeling he has, ever since he had started sailing. He felt that he must enter the new world. And now that he was ever so close to that point, the feeling was even getting stronger. He did not know what was waiting for him there, but the one thing he knew and was sure of, was that it was not harmful to him.

As such he had to go to the new world soon. He even made the decision of not staying the night here.

And while looking at the ship now sailing back, Ian couldn't help but think back on the fight he had against master Rey. He had reached such a high level of combat and strength that he could take a vice admiral level person out in one punch. And it was only with his training that got him to this stage.

One could only wonder. He used 'shave' to its mastery level and ended the fight. If he had used a bit more of his strength, maybe master Rey would have turned into a bloody pulp. This was the reason why he was trying to control his strength after every increase he has.

At that fight he had limited his power, and skills only to that of the six powers. If perhaps he had used his telekinesis he may have finished the fight as soon as it started.


Back on Enies lobby, master Rey and the rest of the CP9 agents were now resting on a warship, belonging to one of the five vice admirals that responded to the buster call. Furthermore on the ship, there was also Admiral Kuzan or better known as Aokiji, present.

Kuzan is an incredibly tall, slim, yet muscular man. At 298 cm tall He has black, curly hair cut to chin length that fans out at the tips, tanned skin, and an altogether lean, long build. His standard outfit consists of a white buttoned-up vest with standing collar over a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, with matching white trousers and black dress shoes. He also wears a yellow tie divided geometrically by black lines and a sleep mask on his forehead

The admiral had already ordered the fleet and the rest of the marines to stop pursuing the straw hats and concluded that this time it was totally their loss.

Aokiji who was now on the warship looked at how badly injured master Rey was.

"I didn't expect even you to be taken down. Master Rey?" Aokiji said. He knew this guy from the world government. And he knew how strong he was. For him to be taken down was a testament to the strength of who did so.

"I had hugely underestimated the enemy this time. Perhaps only you three admirals or the stronger vice admirals could take him down." Master Ray said the first part clearly but whispered the last part towards Aokiji alone.

"Seriously? he is that strong? or perhaps he made you lower your guard and then sneak attacked you?" Aokiji said.

Master Ray shook his head.

"We had a fight at the beginning, and then after a while I knew I was not his match as I was not able to make him get serious. And even after a while of fighting, he didn't appear to be tired at all. But at the end when he noticed that the other fights were ending, he had attacked with a speed so fast I had lost consciousness immediately after." Master Ray said.

"This guy is a formidable enemy for us. For me to not even be able to see him move while in my Zoan form… very few people are capable of the same feat. I would need to report this as soon as possible." Master Ray said.

"So such a strong person, managed to stay unknown until this time..." Aokiji muttered.

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