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Anime Mashup,

What will happen if you transmigration to another world where all kinds of anime character are in same world.

Sister is Mikan Yūki from To-Love-Ru

Mother is Yasuko Takasu from Toradora

Childhood friend is Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

The teacher is Gozaburo Seto from My bride is a mermaid

While he has a bunch of finance that his grandfather decides for him.

The world is full of aliens, demons, angels and another extraordinary being that normal in this world.

Where people have the ability treats as a genius while normal people become cannon fodder.

How can he survive the world if he only has System Summon that is i responsible?

Mc: System, why my summon, is only a Lolli vampire? wheres the s.e.xy oneesan?

System: You just need to help the Lolli vampier to grow and transformed her into a s.e.xy oneesan.

Mc: System why every time i summon my minions I always get a mini version of them?

System: What do you mean host?

Mc angry shout: Lolli Vampier, Lilli Mermaid, Lolli Dragon you even summon a tuns-tuns Lolli Princess! are you going to make me a father of all of this kids!

System: Host please help hem grow adn evolve to god-like being!

Mc smash the table and angry shout," Godly being!! after that happen I'm already dead!!

System warning! The host need to help them to grow strong if not the system will reduce the size of host bird!

Mc: [email protected]#@[email protected]#$%


Author's note:

become I don't like the ending of a certain manga, I made this fun-fic and i want to re-write what happens.

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