Anime Multiverse Exploration System


Anime Multiverse Exploration System,

Alex Jarrett was a normal late teenager with an anime addiction, his life was simple, his family was average nothing out of the ordinary then one day a tragedy happened and he was killed. In the void he simply floated around before some time, he was sent to another location where he met the True God Yezhmetoz who granted him a new life and a guide for him, Confused Alex asked “Why, what have I done to be granted this, I haven’t done anything noteworthy to deserve anything. “Hahahaha” Yezhmetoz laughed “I simply gave the merit you earned when you died, now go live a new life, I don’t care what you do with it but if you want a goal to accomplish then reach the apex and have a drink with me one day.” After that Alex blacked out and reincarnated in a new world.

I’m kind of disappointed with how low amount of fan-fic’s in which the Anime Multiverse is explored so I set out to write this to improve my writing. The anime or manga’s or source materials used are not owned by me except my character and his adventure.

Thank You for Reading.

If anyone is interested in an initial d fan fic just comment

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