Another Dimension Traveler


Another Dimension Traveler,

Just another character wanted to travel another world. Whether it is fiction and non-fictional, he can go whatever he desires.

Author: I'm just a normal guy addicted reading Novels. Just trying something new with and try not to bored myself from the virus that spread around the globe.

So anyway, my plan is creating a OP character but not a battle type kinda guy. More like OP but with more logical (if my brain can handle logic) and plan just follow the course of the story but change a few things.

I kinda do some research like re-watching some movies or read some Novels so it would seem legit but probably miss few things. What you expect? I'm not a perfect guy. I can make mistakes. Why wouldn't you leave me alone? T_T (JK).

So yeah. That's my story

Release schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday


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