Another Dimension Traveler Volume 1 Chapter 73 - 73: Poltergeist

(Leon POV)


He roared at the girl and the girl got scared and hides behind me, shivering.

Leon: "Who are you?"


He screams and didn't answer me. He use then use his telekinesis then levitates all the furniture around him and throws them at me. I use my magic shield to protect myself. Then he vanish but the atmosphere is still heavy. He appear behind me and slash my back. I staggered but not hurt. I look behind and he wasn't there. Then I heard a sound in front of me and I examine my front. There I saw the man lift the girl up and he was choking the little girl with his one arm. He has a savage grin and the girl was in pain. I cast a spell at him but it went through to him.

???: "You're just a human. You can't do anything to a ghost."

He laugh savagely. I coated my hand with magic barrier and run towards him. He laughs at my attempt to harm him. I punch his face and it connected. The guy staggered and surprise. He didn't let go of the girl though. He then laughs. It seems that my punch was ineffective. Even though it connected, it doesn't have any damage to him. He then push me with his unknown force and I was flung right at the wooden wall. I broke through the wooden wall and landed on the green grass. I push myself up and look at the man. He still holding and choking the girl but I notice that he's still inside the house. He tries to get out but some force won't let him escape. Maybe he's bound by the house because he died there? I really have no time to answer that question. I stop time and dash into the house. If I can't damage him, at least I can save the girl. When I was about to grab the girl, they disappear and I was surprise then another slash came from my back. Are ghosts immune to time stop? I look at him and he doesn't seem to notice that time was frozen.

I resume time and use [Though Acceleration] to search for a solution. I find the solution and look at my hands. I coated with [Purify] and I dash to him and try to attack him again. The man was amuse and didn't dodge. He was confident that I can't damage him. I put a lot of power on my fist and slams it on his face. His face was warped by how powerful my punch is and he let go of the girl. The then flips 3 times before he stops spinning. I clone myself and my clone hold the girl and teleport somewhere. I grab the man's neck with my hand that still coated with [Purify]. I can hear sizzling coming from his neck. He roared in pain but I punch his face with other hand. His form begins to become transparent and the black mist are getting smaller.

???: "Please stop."

He begs.

Leon: "Who are you?"

???: "I'm Satow Takeshi."

(AC: I use a Japanese random name generator for his name. So if a real Satow Takeshi there, please stand up. JK. His first name stands for "Fierce, Violent.")

Leon: "What's your relationship with the girl and where's her mother?"

He gets angry for some reason.

Takeshi: "That bitch and her mother was ungrateful. They came to my house many years ago for shelter. That girl is not my own flesh and blood. I gave them a home and in exchange, they have to serve me. I ask her mother about my 'needs' but she refuse. So, I force her to satisfy me but she retaliated. I threaten her by using her daughter as a hostage but I didn't know my own strength and killed her daughter by accident. She became deranged and found a knife. We fought but in the end, I lost. She stabs me at the heart and I died. I don't know what happened to that bitch after I died."

Leon: "Why don't you let her leave?"

Takeshi: "Oh she can leave but she's too scared to do so. Plus, I love torturing her. She looks just like her mother."

He grins again and laugh. I tightly grip my arm but he didn't stop laughing.

Leon: "Where's her body?"

Takeshi: "Don't know. When I turn into a spirit, I only saw my body."

Leon: 'So that pile of bones was his.'

I try keep calm when I heard his story. I took out the Penance of Time and force him to look at it. I gave him 1,000,000 years of torture. After that, I maximize the output of [Purify] and all I can hear him scream of pain. He then disappears.

I went to my clone and the girl. They teleported at the corner of the house. The clone distracted the girl so that she didn't witness anything. I walk towards them and the girl look at me. She was surprise that there are two of me. My clone disappear and she tries to find my clone.

Hiroko: "Where's papa?"

I crouch down and pat her head. My head was still coated with [Purify] but minimum output. The girl seems to relax and grabs my hands. She felt nice and warm when she 'touch' my hand.

Leon: "Your papa won't bother you anymore."

Hiroko sadden when she heard that. Even though she was treated terribly by that man, she still care a little bit.

Leon: "Let's go find your mama, alright?"

When Hiroko heard mama, she looks at me and nods rapidly. I chuckle and pick her up and let her sit on my arm. I coated my whole body with purify to let her feel comfortable. She hug me and she rest her head on my shoulder. I pat her back and sing her a lullaby. She closed her eyes and keep listening to my voice.

When we got out of the house. I put a silence spell around the house and burn it. I use [Knowledge] to find the mother. I located her and I walk towards a cliff nearby. Once I was there, I saw a lone transparent figure standing at the edge of the cliff staring at the sea. The winds was very strong but her dress and her hair was not moving. I walk towards her and when she felt my presence, she look back. She was surprise when she saw her daughter was resting on my shoulder. She didn't move. When I was about a few inches from her, she ask.

???: "Who are you?"

Leon: "My name doesn���t matter. What matters is this child with me. I presume you're Arakawa Aika?"

She kept silent but nod. Few seconds later, she called her daughter's name and when Hiroko heard her mother's voice, she woke up and look behind her. He eyes went wide and floats towards her. She hugs her and Aika hugs her back. They both cried and I waited for them.

After that, she told me that after she killed her abuser, she picks up her daughter's lifeless body and went to the cliff. They both let themselves fall into the ocean and drown herself along with her child's body.

I slowly purify them. A light forms around them and they wave goodbye to me. The girl gave me a one last hug and went back to her mother and hold her mother's hand. They both smile at me and they disappear. I summon the corpse of the two, which are now skeletons, and I teleport to a burial site. I gave them a proper burial and pray for their souls. I teleport back to my house and slept like a baby that night.

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