Apocalypse Havoc


Apocalypse Havoc,

An apocalypse story similar to the other apocalypse genre novel where the mc go back to the past to the time before the apocalypse start and used his knowledge about the future to get ahead of the starting line.
This novel will also have something like the fantasy shop from fantasy fall, and the innate skill like the reincarnator.
I hope the reader can be patience and understanding for the lack of thing in this novel.
Synopsis: mo xin lived ten years into the apocalypse and become one of the most powerful people in the apocalypse but who would have thought that his death was not from getting eaten by monster or getting killed by mutant but he died of exhaustion, for someone like him who was known as the hunter machine to be dead from exhaustion was such a big joke that he died with such a strong regret. and thank to some kind of chain reaction he somehow activated his innate skill and get reincarnated into the time before the apocalypse started.

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