Apocalypse : Judgement's Day


Apocalypse : Judgement's Day,

Raven at his 35s, living boring live from his youth, nothing special in his life. Because of that he hoped something will change his boring life.

Some god did something to the world, and it's indirectly made his wish come true!

He didn't get mad or cursed this god, but he's grateful for what this god doing to this world.

Lets follow his life in this new changed world, will he become hero or villain?

No one know's what he will become!

this novel is written by me, but bcz some problem it's hiatus on RRL.
I'll try to continue it within this platform, btw too bad there's no table feature here so i have to rewrite it so this novel can be read here~

English is not my main language so please be gentle for that hehe, and lastly some of it's content will be different from past version bcz i'm rewriting it again~

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