Astral Douluo

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Astral Douluo,

Hello, this is my first novel, I hope you enjoy it. This is about your classic mc who dies and gets reincarnated. (PS: I can't update regularly so I'll do it when I have free time.)


There will be s.e.x scenes and I may at times use swear words. S.e.x scenes will be cut out of the actual chapter and put in auxiliary ones with the chapter number attached to it. (Just in case someone is reading this in public or isn’t in the mood to jack off. Flirting and teasing will still be in main content

Also, everyone reading this, do not f***ing comment yaoi. I will kill myself before doing or adding yaoi in my writing so do not tell me that unjustly.



Credit to Tang Jia San Shao for original story and I do not own any characters in this story except for the ones I created.

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