Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin)

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Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin),

"Why are you still here Minji? Why would Taehyung still keep you around to look after me if he already got what he wanted..." His voice was quiet and new tears were silently falling down his cheeks once again.

"Because I want to be your side Jin. Will you let me be your nurse and take care of you still? I swear to be a good one and an even better friend."

His ears turned red on me and I thought I saw a little smile on his face before it vanished.

"I can't do anything for you Minji. I have nothing to offer you. I can't pay you to care for me. Do you still want to be my friend even though I'm blind and penniless now?"

I held his hands in mine and although he couldn't see me right now, I was drowning in those dark brown eyes of his. A smile formed on my lips as I look lovingly at him.

"Not just a nurse or a friend Jin, but I want to be your eyes too. So if you let me and don't let go of these hands, I'll never let go either. I promise."

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