Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Volume 1 Chapter 188 - 188 Discord

In the morning, a stunning news spread throughout the entirety of the Demonic Sword Sect.

"Have you already heard what had happened to that greedy Cao Min?"

"What? Is he perhaps enjoying his riches and flaunting it to get his women in our front?"

"Of course not! But well... He might have done that indeed if he was alive to enjoy them today?"

"What do you mean? Is Cao Min..."

"Yup. He died. Must be because of those spirit stones. I say every time, too much of everything cos never good. It would only invite the envious scourge in your home."

"Indeed. Cao Min has eaten more than he could chew. It would be good if he only got some broken teeth to show for it but alas, he lost his life in consequence for being so naive."

"Let this serve as a lesson to all of you! If you happen to stumble upon any treasure in your life, don't tell a soul. Or you may just end up exactly like Cao Min."



��Absolutely!" The Outer Disciples talked amongst themselves.

Conversations like these were rampant around and same as the majority of disciples, this shown aptly enough of their ignorance of the truth.

However, those that knew of what really happened behind closed doors certainly would not be stupid to blabber their mouths away out in the open.

Especially since this involved the most powerful Seniors in the sect, no one doubted that they would follow Cao Min's fate if they should to do otherwise.

It did not need saying that this price of trivial information has also reached the ears of our bored gamer and company.

"There goes another victim of your schemes, Foul Creature. You should just raise your neck and let me take your head cleanly in one swipe of my sword.

It would at least grant what little redemption that can be afforded in your surrender." Lin Che uttered her usual dark omen of words as shook her head in dismay.

She would have wanted nothing but to end her quest as soon as possible but it seemed that our bored gamer would choose to remain stubborn in the end.

"Wouldn't that be too easy if I did exactly as you wanted, Lin Che?

If you really want to finish your task here then you should better go home and return to see me only after one hundred trillion years.

When that time comes, I bet that you'd get the chance to hear me say a final goodbye. To you and to this chaotic world."

Our bored gamer replied and revealed what little he can to the Primal Warden.

"Why? What's going to happen in one hundred trillion years?" Lin Che asked the golden question.

"We shall see, won't we?" Clark smiled and led his eternal prison guard out of the room. Together, they went to welcome the new day with an entirely different motivations.

"Good morning, Young Master Clark!" Elders Feng Ren and Feng Lin greeted outside of the room and it did not take them long to go outside of the residence.

The crowded bodies were no more and what was left behind was a semblance of peace. Perhaps this was true save for one soul who persevered even now.

"It seems like someone has still not given up on you, Young Master Clark."

Elder Feng Ren commented when they saw a young boy who stayed sitting in a lotus position as if in a long and arduous meditation.

It was surprising to see that this 18 or so Outer Disciple had a cultivation of only 1st Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm.

He definitely an odd monkey out of the tribe of lions in this Demonic Sword Sect.

"A poor child." Elder Feng Lin muttered.

One should know that anyone who has not stepped unto the 6th Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm after one year of stay in the sect would be forced to leave without question.

It could be easily seen that this young dreamer was perhaps bound to fail in his quest just like the countless cultivators that had come before him.

"Let's go." Clark only looked at the boy with slight interest but other than that, he urged his party into motion.

Although being hungry seemed like a faraway memory at the moment but eating something delicious never stopped being a good way to waste his time.

He enjoyed it before and that perk never changed even if he jumped from one world unto another. Our avid gamer enjoyed his days with these trio of amazing company.

The ever talkative Feng Ren, the silent Feng Lin, and the dark humor of Lin Che, mixed together with our very own protagonist's special style of doing things was indeed an effective recipe for pure fun and recreation.

And there were some days when Clark would even force Tang Xinyue to come with them. In our smart protagonist's defens, he believed that a compulsory date was a date nonetheless.

Though most of the time Clark got the silent treatment as always but he took that as turtle crawls as he made slow creeping motions towards the heart and earn the affection of one very beautiful woman in Tang Xinyue.

The days passed and in a blink, 2 months had arrived since Gu Wenren left the confines of our avid gamer's room.

This was a very special day indeed because it would mark the start of their campaign for world supremacy.

"Tang Xinyue." Clark called softly and the same effect was absolutely like heaven and earth towards the target of his summon.

"BANG!" Not five minutes had elapsed and the heavy steps of one soul could be heard echoing loudly in the hallways towards the master's bedroom of one particular persona in this Demonic Sword Sect.

It was obvious that this one was delirious in anger and was not the least bit shy in showing her true feelings unto anyone in her path.



"BOOM!" The double doors were knocked in murderous beatings and yet it still stood there unflinching amidst the damage it received. It took them bravely and not a crack could be seen on its pristine surfaces.

"Come in. It's open." A voice spoke from behind the doors.

"CREAK!" The sole entrance opened in full and what came charging next was perhaps more mad than a raging bull in heat.

"I told you to never do that to me again!" Tang Xinyue uttered with great vehemence.

Her ears were bleeding from the intensity of the call and she could still feel them ringing over and over again at this moment.

It was a miracle that the sharp noise has not pierce her ear drums in the aftermath. But then again, maybe it did and this was perhaps the reason why it had bled in full today.

"I had called for some time already and i wanted to make sure because you were late in heeding my summons.

If you were perhaps preoccupied with something earlier, i can only apologize.

But you should know that if this same thing happened once more, i will only ever do the same and give my apologies thereafter."

Our bored gamer toyed with what subtle words he can for he knew moments like these were becoming so rare indeed.

He was still thinking of how he could effectively and efficiency make his ex fiancee fall in love with him.

There were thoughts of using the same common cliche in the web novels he'd read in the past where they would get poisoned with potion of love or l.u.s.t or a mixture of both and do the deed in absolute abandon but he discarded it after giving it some thought.

Our bored gamer was looking for true love at this time and he was not about to get that by doing so.

At least Clark made the quest more difficult for him at this stage. After all, he got all the time in the world to burn and waste away.

Our good gamer could only look at Tang Xinyue with all the desire he could give in the end.

"You will always be a sc.u.m in my eyes, Lu Chen. And i never expected anything good to come from your mouth. So i don't need your apologies.

You are only wasting your breath in saying them. What do you want?!" Tang Xinyue exploded in the room and she did not even spare a glance at the silent lady on the corner.

She found Lin Che as a strange blunt woman and there were times when her frankness was too real to ignore.

This was especially true in these days where their paths had crossed more than she ever wanted.

The gods and goddesses above knew that Tang Xinyue would rather be alone than spending her days in the presence of one very annoying woman in Lin Che.

"You flatter me with your words, Xinyue. I think that i am even blushing with happiness right now." 

Clark replied in all the indifference he could posture but deep inside could only sigh again for the umpteenth time.

'At least i tried.' Our bored gamer lamented in the silence of his thoughts. In the end, he went directly to what he wanted for Tang Xinyue to do for him.

"Tell that boy outside something for me... he passed the test. Offer him refuge in my residence and let him know that i will see him when i have the time." Clark instructed.

A breath.

Two breaths.

And some more followed.

Tang Xinyue took this time to get over her shock. One should know that she was one of the few people that our bored gamer has offered large amounts of resources to use.

Alas, she rejected them almost immediately. Tang Xinyue was much too proud to accept anything from someone she viewed as her most hated enemy.

But then to think that Lu Chen was willing to accept some more people in house.

And just like before, she assumed that Lu Chen would also give his share of resources and spirit stones to that nameless lucky Outer Disciple.

'Is he really so rich?! How?!' Tang Xinyue could only pause in utter wonder. She left ten breaths after and did not say anymore words towards our bored gamer.

She deemed no reason to do so. But unbeknownst to her, another guest was patiently waiting for her to go out.

* * *

"Everything is ready, Young Master Clark." Gu Wenren arrived in time.

She had heard what had transpired from beginning to end and was well aware to take notice of the unknown new part of Young Maser Clark's circle of influence.

"Very well then... it's time for us to move." Our bored gamer stood and left the soft embrace of his bed.