Buried In My Heart


Buried In My Heart,

Diane woke up, sweating and crying. There was a pain in her chest that she can’t really describe. But it’s there, and it’s intense enough to emotionally hurt her through this dream she has. Every night for the past week, Diane wakes up with the same pain. And the sadness and emptiness inside her when she wakes up kills her. She can’t stand it. She needs to know what the dream’s significance was. The only thing Diane could ever remember were the screams. The terrible shrieks that came from nowhere. And everywhere. All she knows is that in her dream, she’s waiting for someone. Hoping and praying that someone will come back to her, to fill in an empty gap in her heart.
But this was only a feeling. A feeling that eventually fades. And she forgets, only to have it come back to haunt her, in her dreams, in the night. Part of her wants to believe that this is just a dream. Only a dream. But the other side wonders why it feels so real. Why does it feel so much like a memory when she can’t ever remember loving someone that fierce?

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