C: Summoner & Magic


C: Summoner & Magic,

- Parellel to our dimension is a world filled with magic, known as the Cosmos, home to Spiritual Beasts.

- A group known as the 'Equestrian Crusaders', led by the founder Aeschylus Adonis, created the Stone of Emblem, which, when implanted into a human will produce magic power

-However, this has also led to the emergence of Cancer Grounds in the human world, where Demon Beasts have started to appear and dwell.

-In the wake of destruction, Humanity has learnt to harness these powers and summon the magic of the entities through contracts with the Spiritual Beings


- Yagane Takashi is considered the weakest magician in his school, with others labelling him as trash

- As Takashi is torn between his lack of self confidence and the urge for power, can he overcome his adversity and learn the truth behind the existence of the Cosmos

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