Calamity God's Reincarnation


Calamity God's Reincarnation,

Born beside the first star in the Universe, the Calamity God has traveled the Starry Sky since the beginning of time.

Its overwhelming power that even the mighty Heavens cannot fathom has been feared by gods and worshipped by humans for many Era.

This majestic creature that has all the power in the Universe, however, has a desire — a strong desire to be human.

With this simple yet peculiar wish, the Calamity God decides to visit the Realm of Reincarnation, where the Samsara occurs, to make a 'deal' with the God of Reincarnation.

Author's note:
I am writing this for fun, so I do not mind the rankings meant for serious writers. But don't let that distract you from the fact that voting lets me see how many supporters I have.

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