Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal

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Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal,

She was a talented qi cultivator in her past life.
After transmigration, she became a useless psychopath and crazy being admitted in a mental hospital.

This was the most shocking moment of her life. What's even more, that she became crazy because of her broken engagement to a young heir.

Everyone now looks up to her with pity. She is deemed as a crazy woman because of her love to him! Everything is messed up when she took over body.

Su Ci Yi is not a woman who needs to prove herself to others. She will act as hell crazy and trouble those people who has a debt towards her.

The mental hospital was her home and the doctors are now her trusted aides. The patients her friends and the mental establishments her entire household!

However, even though she acted a total idiot, there is someone who notices her small actions.
Qin Xiao Yu, a business tycoon who recently dominated different industries, has come to declare his domination towards her.

This is a fantasy romance between an aloof-and-extroverted-inside-female-lead x sadistic-domineering-warm-inside-male-lead:)

Updates (5-10 chapter/week)
Chapter length (800-1200 words)

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