Child Of The Crimson Sun

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Child Of The Crimson Sun,

The Sun is almost down, Chin Sei is about to give birth to her first born. Her husband Quin Su is right next to her holding her hand. "My love, be strong. Our child is almost here, hang on tight!"

The skies are as red as blood and no wind is present. The time seemingly slower than usual. "No, the skies! Chin Sei, with the count of three, I want you to push the child with all your might. We only have one shot and we must hurry." said the midwife. Sei took a deep breath and pushed the child with all her might.

Hence, the child was finally born. "Its...its a girl! A beautiful healthy baby girl!" said the midwife. As they rejoice for the birth of their first born, hounds howl across the land, crows flew circling above their home. The mid wife looked into the child's skin and hair then looked at the married couple with a terrified expression.

"T-this child..." Xu San handed the child to Chin Sei and quickly ordered Quin Su to block the doors and windows quickly. Without asking any questions, Quin Su grabbed as many wood planks as possible and blocked the doors and windows.

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