Children Of A Lesser God

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Children Of A Lesser God,

A giant tree popped up in the middle of the Atlantic ocean covering the world in a strange new radiation and because of it, people began to change.

First, there are the Chosen. These super humans have only slight physical changes and yet can manifest incredible powers.

Next, you have the Cursed. These humans have experienced large scale body changes which range from animal adaptations to simply grotesque body decomposition. Most are still normal and sane humans who attempt to adapt to life while being shunned by others. There are some however that have grown deranged and think themselves the rulers of the world.

Our MC lives a somewhat lonely life while sometimes being accompanied by his rather senile yet kind grandfather. He has no idea where his parents went after they dropped him off a few years ago, so he has no choice but to stay here. He lives by the idea that he should just be air and not be noticed in the slightest. All of this goes ok until things start changing and Laz starts getting dragged around in many different directions.

What is humanity? Why does it matter?

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