Children Of A Lesser God Volume 2: Evolution Chapter 179 - Discussion Of Paths

As Laz laid back and relaxed, he couldn't help but let his mind wander and dive into the information that A'ruya had given him.

'Foundation Realm and Void Origin... I can kind of guess that foundation realm is like building a foundation. But didn't I already do that with the condensation realm? Or wait.. she said condensation realm was mixing the cement and foundation realm was laying the base. But what kind of base would that be? I mean, am I building a bas.e.m.e.nt for a house or like a solid base for a statue? I mean, how much more vague could you be? Still, I guess this gives me something to work with. Maybe Vivi would be able to help after I tell her what I've learned? I doubt anyone else has made it this far... or at least if they have, they themselves have no idea what to do next. Still, if this crazed alien is telling me these things, I can't help but wonder if there are other aliens telling other humans things? And to what point? Why help us? Don't aliens come to Earth to take over the planet? Why would aliens want to help the people of Earth... Unless they want something. That's right, she has said that she wants something but that I am too weak to even bother helping with that. ARRRHHHH.... This shit makes my head hurt....'

As Laz continued on with his internal monologue, he failed to notice that there was some stirring going on from where he had covered the girls up. Leona, who had passed out first, was starting to wake up. At first, she was confused, then a bit frightened, but then feeling the warmth left next to her and seeing Ruby still sleeping soundly, Leona started looking around and noticed that Laz had crawled back into the pool.

She still had many questions about certain things, but for the moment, she felt nothing short of content. In fact, she couldn't help but pinch herself while wondering if everything had been a dream. As she moved around a bit though, she felt the lingering wetness from the nights activities and realized that it was no dream. She even felt the surging energy within her body and moving her hand to outside of the sleeping bag, she ran her fingers along the stone floor. Even without having her claws out, she was able to jam her fingers right through the stone and leave five grooves full of broken stone. Although this ended up making some noise, Laz was too lost in thought to tell.

Ruby wasn't however.

Rolling over from her comfortable position, she noticed that Leona was awake and staring at the damage she had inflicted on the ground. Without saying anything, she slid over and dr.a.p.ed herself over Leona, looking at the indents in the ground. Seeing what Leona had done, Ruby brought her hand over as well and slid her fingers in a parallel direction, causing a sort of crossed shape net to appear. She was also able to slide her fingers though the stone floor as easily as Leona had. Seeing this, Leona laid back and looked up at the ceiling distracted while Ruby continued to lay on her, moving her finger around through the stone.

"What's on your mind?" Ruby finally asked.

"Imagine just how much stronger we've become... and yet he didn't hesitate to bring us here and share it's secret with us without wanting anything in return," Leona answered back.

"Ohh... But we certainly gave him something in return, didn't we?" Ruby said while smiling.

"I would have done that anyway..." Leona shot back while turning red.


"I... don't really know... but it just felt... right?" Leona said, struggling to remember the various thoughts that she had that had led up to this moment.

"I felt the same way... There is something about him that is hard to put into words. It's like... a primal desire or something along those lines?"

"I felt it too..."

"... And want it again, right?" Ruby finished her sentence with a smile.

"Still though, you're right," Ruby continued on. "He didn't have to share this with us. Even if it no longer matters to him, it will be beneficial to anyone who can use it in the future. There is so much to learn about it and things to do with it..."

"You're going to bring your group here?" Leona asked, thinking along the same lines as Ruby.

"That's the plan. After all, we can only do so much by ourselves. We will need support and since the leader trusts him for who knows what reason, there is no reason I should hide this from her."

"What is it like... doing what you do?" Leona asked, feeling interested.

"It's exciting... and dangerous. There is a thrill every time you go to complete a mission. It's not like just finding someone and taking them out. That would be fine in a movie, but in real life there is a lot more involved. You ever see those true crime shows when they tell you how someone hired someone to wack their significant other? Those people are all amateurs. To really make it happen the right way, the key is that you can't leave any tracks. The best kills are ones where they have no idea what happened much less who could be responsible. The fact is, you need to be like a ghost. You move in, get the job done and move out just a quickly. If they start finding pictures of your face or what you look like, it get's much more complicated and you can't be used as much. In this age, or so Lady Mathilda tells us, it's almost impossible to do a job perfectly. There are just way too many cameras and ways for people to get your picture. Which is why it's the youngest of us who are the most used since we are the least well known." Ruby went on to tell Leona about various times she went out on jobs and what it was like along with her own personal feelings. In truth, Ruby had only really done a grand total of three jobs, only on of which she did by herself. She had thought she knew what she was doing, but by the time things had finished and the target was dead, she had almost screwed up numerous times.

It was a job that she would never forget.

Listening to all this, Leona didn't really know how to feel. Ruby was only a few years older than her and yet had already done so much and seen so much from a much younger age. Leona was actually feeling like she was missing out on the world. The strange thing was, if she was to stop and think about it, she wasn't opposed to the thought of taking people's lives. In normal society, that kind of thinking would scare a normal person and make others look down on them, the value of human life and all. But to Leona, this was becoming her new normal and she didn't feel bad about it in the least. Maybe it had to do with her mindset; she no longer thought of herself as normal.

As the girls talked, Laz continued to laze around in the pool while the tiny spider just floated on the surface of the water, strangely content with just being near Laz. Laz didn't question this either. He had heard it once from Vivi when he asked her about why she had followed him. Due to this, he just figured there would be other such creatures that would find him likable and didn't put much thought into it.

Just as he was about to give up, knowing that he needed a lot more time and a bit more guidance to get anywhere, he heard the sounds of feet stepping into the pool next to him. Opening up his eyes, he noticed that Ruby had slipped in on his left and Leona had slipped in on his right. Since he was sitting on the stone step at the side of the pool, the water was only coming up to his waist. As the girls slid in next to him, although their waists were covered, the rest of them were laid bare.

The water itself couldn't be described as hot or cold. For whatever reason, the water was at around body temperature which made it feel like you were sitting inside layers of gently wrapped silk that clung to your body, but neither heated nor cooled you.

As the girls climbed in and slid up next to him, Ruby seemed to shake a little bit before picking up Laz's arm and wrapping it around her back. She then firmly planted his hand on her exposed b.r.e.a.s.t, acting as though it was there to support her mounds. Laz naturally complied with her unvoiced request. He slid his pinky and ring finger underneath her small yet full b.r.e.a.s.ts while gently pinching her pierced n.i.p.p.l.e between his middle and pointer fingers. He then completed his custom hand bra by rest his thumb on the top of her b.r.e.a.s.t. After doing all this, he pulled her in closer so that her body touched as much of his as possible.

Feeling the intimate touch along with the warmth from his skin, Ruby couldn't help but sigh with content. It might had looked like a s.e.x.u.a.l act, but since it was just holding with no fondling, it actually ended up being just a much closer style of cuddling.

After Ruby took this bold move, Leona ended up doing the same. The biggest difference was that Leona had a lot more to cup and Laz's hand didn't fully enclose her entire mound, but the set up involving his fingers gently pinching her tempting dark was intact along with most of her body pressed up against his.

It was a rather interesting sight as they all laid there, lost in each other. It might have been s.e.x.u.a.l if other steps were taken, but instead just ended up being a melding of bodies.

Just as Leona and Ruby were going to say something about the previous night, Laz ended up speaking up. He went through the various things he had learned about the next two realms that had been revealed to him. Hearing what Laz was saying, both girls ended up forgetting what they wanted to say and started playing close attention to what Laz had to say. All of this was things they needed for the future and they didn't want to miss a word of it.

After Laz completed his story, the girls were silent for a minute before starting to ask questions and offer their own thoughts on the things Laz had conveyed.

Although the information had been given to him, they both had insights based on the things they had experience while walking their own paths. Once shared with Laz, he ended up with a much clearer picture as to what he should do in the future.

As the continued to talk and share thoughts, Laz ended up releasing a bit of controlled black flame into the water, allowing it to warm up quite a bit which caused Ruby and Leona to relax even more, making it much easier to exam their own thinking.

Perhaps it was just Laz's imagination, but he almost thought he heard a bell ring at some point, as though it was the past and some great event was being announced.

He didn't share this though, but if he had, he would have known that Leona and Ruby felt like they heard the same thing.

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