Cultivation Chat Group - Liyangde


Cultivation Chat Group - Liyangde,

A different story. Michael Li was a detective in gang division in the LVPD. He died while he was undercover by a sandal that fell out of the sky. The sandal belong to the administrator of worlds/ god. Due to the mistake, he was given 3 wishes but cannot reincarnate in the current world. To his surprise, he got reincarnated in the cultivation chat group world. He now aim for immortality and become a god in order to share his benefits.

Author's note:
-I do not own the original story of Cultivation Chat Group and all the characters. I will also not read comments due to it will affect my story telling and my mood. I also do not know when i release the next chapter, since I edit it myself before releasing. This is just a fanfiction, with my own twist. Thank you for reading!?

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