Dawn Of The Supernatural


Dawn Of The Supernatural,

Sypnosis: Daniel Sheppard had done almost everything the world had to offer and repeated many of them, He grew bored of a life with nothing new he had tried all the food, and been to all the places the world had to offer.

One day on the bridge of thoughts a large bridge in eastern side of Hawaii, the bridge was something that was Naturally made over the years and many people said at night the stars seem to drift down around you and a peaceful scene causes your thoughts to slow down a little.

Daniel had decided to jump that night but as he fell he could fell a large hand grab ahold of him and pull him away at a speed fast enough to faint, when Daniel came to he found himself in front of a table with freshly poured tea and some sugar cubes and tea cakes to the side.

"I saved you from death to offer you something new, don't ask why I'm just bored okay. Any way the world you go to is random even I can't choose it, however every last one of them is a world of fictions that were in your books specifically supernatural types, you can choose 3 wishes on top of your complementary Body customization and modification, the wishes may have imposed limitations or not, but once you wish for something it can't be taken back.

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