DC: The Dragon's Head


DC: The Dragon's Head,

This is the story of about the brother in my other Series, Marvel: My Rules. Follow the journey of the old spirited Drake as he traverses the world of DC. Watch as the oblivious Drake makes 5 wishes. Will he regret them? Find out In TDH.


Author's note:

I don't feel like I should have to do this as an author but please, make sure you read all the way past chapter 6. I know that through reading stories on this website, you read a lot of terrible things.... so much so, that you start to see patterns in bad storytelling. You WILL see this within the first few chapters of my story... for that, I ask, "Please just have faith in me as an author?" All the decisions and plot holes that I make are international. I would never give you guys a work that is half-assed and that I am not satisfied with myself. I am only here for your and my enjoyment. I would never waste your time as readers because I know what that feels like. Just give me a chance to tell my story.

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