DC Universe Here I Come


DC Universe Here I Come,

A hard-working family man in his 30s stuck in an endless repetition of living in a mundane world. The only joy that made him happy is his wife, kids, and DC comics. Unfortunately, He was murdered because someone who was wearing a MAGA hat saw him and his family speaking in sign language and mistaken their method of communication for gang signs.

Because of that, he called his friends as he tailed the deaf family before they could even get home and confronted them with his buddies screaming "stupid wetbacks how dare you! you guys come here to my country America and steal our jobs! MS13 does not belong here!" BANG BANG BANG BANG!

The Man dying and his the rest of his family dead, while attempting to defend them and fight back their only crime, was being deaf and mixed with Mexican, Puerto Rican, and El Salvadorian. In his dying breath as he held his family one last time thinking GOD I wish I had superpowers so nobody family could go through what we went through. GASP fade to black.

A mysterious being spoke "I heard your prayers yet I cannot send you back to your world I will reincarnate you to DC Universe" A voice thundered from the being and a flash of light surrounded the man's soul before it faded to nothingness.

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