Doted By The Alpha Volume 2: My Husband is Mafia Boss Chapter 111 - Secured Witnesses

* * *

Veronica kept on dialing Remi Long's number and she would breathe her curse receiving the same response from the operator over and over again. "Pick up! Damn it!" She breathes punching on her wheel. She accelerated her driving speed until she arrived at her desired destination. 

She quickly gets off of her car viewing the building where Remi Long lives. She knew Remi said she was going to leave but that was just days ago. She must not have left that quickly.

Slamming the door of her car close, Veronica started walking towards the building. Fifteen minutes later, she was standing at her friend's doorstep, pressing on the doorbell nonstop. She knocked and called but there was no Remi Long who answered her. It was all silence. It was obvious there was no one inside.

"F.u.c.k! She could not have left already? I haven't even paid her salary for the month yet." Veronica mumbled and dialed Remi's number again but in vain, the call wouldn't go through. Yes, they had a fight or argument. But it's a normal occurrence in their relationship. Veronica didn't really think her friend would decide not to see her just because she said she didn't want to see her again.

Muddled headed. Veronica texted Remi to call her as soon as she read her message but unknown to her, Remi Long was somewhere Veronica didn't expect her to be.

Yesterday, like Veronica had predicted. Remi Long was still in her flat and was not to leave until she told Veronica not to persist on her lies or she'll end up being ruined. Mo Laotian or the Mo household was not someone who she can easily deceive. 

That if she wanted to stay being an actress, she should stay away from them. Even if she had someone backing her.

Unfortunately, before she could even do that. Just like what Remi had already thought before. Four bulky men in black showed up at her doorstep asking her to come with them if she didn't want to get hurt. Remi, of course, tried to resist but she ended up being knocked out and the next thing she knew she woke up in a place she had no knowledge where.

All she could see outside of her window was hundreds and hundreds of tall trees. From the way she looked at it, it does not seem to end. She wondered if she's still in the country or shipped to a tropical country while she was asleep. Although she had not been hurt and was taken care of quite well, she was no doubt a prisoner. 

Remi doesn't have an enemy who can do this kind of thing so she only thought it was Mo Laotian who did it. But it had been two days since, and no Mo Laotian or Mo Hanlu had come to see her. Remi wondered again how many more days will she have to stay and wait.

"Ms. Long, Please come with us." Remi was pacing back and fort of her room when the man who she met last time at her place said opening the door after knocking, he was the man who had knocked her out. So despite knowing he will not hurt her this time, she still suspiciously looked at him before she reluctantly followed.

After all, if they did intend to hurt her, they should have done it yesterday, but they didn't!! So even though she was nervous, she obligingly followed hoping she could get out soon.

"Y-Yes." Remi squeaks nervously as she walked towards the man. Remi stepped out of her room tensely, she looks around at first, doubtful.

"Don't worry, Ms. Long. I will not hurt you." The man said monotonously and urge her to follow him.

"Just making sure, you're the one who knocked me out the last time," Remi mumbled as they started walking further in the hallway. Her eyes tried to remember every detail of the interior since this is her first time seeing it the outside of the room she was being kept. But as they were walking, she silently realized the building was like a maze, there were so many rooms and hallways, she thought how the guys and maids not get lost while walking.

"I apologize, Ms. Long, my orders were clear. In any case, you try to resist, we will have to take you by force." The man explained and Remi sighs as if understanding, the man was after all just following orders from Mo Laotian. And it was no secret Mo Laotian was not a gentle person.

"Okay. So what does Mr. Mo wants from me?" She asked. The man looked at her slightly surprised that she knew the person behind her abduction but then his composure quickly recovered and faced forward.

"Please this way, Ms. Long." The man said ignoring Remi's question. They stepped into a room, Remi thought it was Mo Laotian she was meeting but as soon as she saw a bed and man she was very much familiar with came into view, her eyes went wide as she quickly runs towards the resting man.

"W-What is he doing here? What did you do to him?" Remi yelled and worriedly looked at the man. 

"Please calm down, Ms. Long. We didn't do anything to him. Unlike you, he didn't resist or at least successfully resist. He fainted before we could even do anything to him. We run a few background checks, and it was just recently that this man had woken up from a coma. The cost was, he had a bullet in his skull. And it seems he fainted due to a panic attack, maybe because he's thinking we're planning to plant a second bullet in his head." the second Remi heard what the man said, her eyes went wide in horror. 'A bullet in his skull? Who would even plant a bullet in Ethan's skull?'.

"Can you just tell me why we're here? This is clearly against the law, what you're doing is kidnapping. If Mr. Mo wants me to spill Vicky's lies then I will, I initially have decided to do it anyway. Additionally, Ethan can't stay here. He had three minor siblings he had to take care of and a sickly mother. Please can't you just let him go and keep me instead, he had nothing to do with this." 

"Unfortunately we can't, Ms. Long. Both of you are here because you're our boss's witnesses. We can't have our enemies eliminating you one by one. Mr. Morris is quite an example, he's lucky he survive a bullet in his skull. Also, you don't worry about the Morris siblings, our boss was kind enough to take them in, they are in goods hands I assure you. And as soon as our boss has settled his plans, he will personally meet both of you and explain. For now, I am asking you to look for Mr. Morris and explain a few things to him. Since Ms. Long knows quite a lot." The man said with a bow.

"W-wait! I don't know anything. What will I explain? I don't even know why Ethan is here! You didn't tell me anything. And what do you mean by eliminating us? Who will eliminate us?" Remi asked in a rush but the man only smiled briefly and left locking the door leaving Remi baffled at the sudden events.

"Damn it, Vicky! What the hell are you doing?" Remi breathes guessing Veronica might have really angered Mr. Mo Laotian. He even took the liberty of taking in Ethan and his family. 'Just what the hell is happening?' Remi asked herself sitting on the couch not far away from the bed where Ethan Morris was resting.

All she knew was that Veronica was lying about the fact that she was not carrying Mo Hanlu's baby and but someone elses. She didn't even know whose baby it was.

Remi rubs her face in frustration, groaning. She only stopped her rumbling complains when a familiar voice called her. She immediately stood up knowing who's it from.

"Ethan, you're awake! Please don't sit up." Remi rushed towards the man with an icy blue orb and help him settle on the bed again.

"Are you okay? I heard what had happened. I'm sorry Vicky and I wasn't able to visit you, I didn't know." Remi explained but as soon as she mentioned Veronica's nickname, Ethan's expression becomes dark.

"I'm okay. I know she wouldn't visit me anyway." Ethan said darkly. Remi shook her head and smiled at her friend.

"That's not true. Although the two of you broke up in a bad way, I know Vicky loved you. And you are still our friend." Remi said but as soon as she said it she didn't expect Ethan to snap.

"Loved!? Friend!? Are you sure about that? Because the last thing I knew before someone had planted a bullet in my head was that she wanted me dead! This throbbing pain in my head will always remind me of what she did to me. To me and my family." Ethan snapped slightly pushing Remi as he sits up.

"W-What are you talking about? V-Vicky? Vicky would never do that to you." Remi stuttered in disbelief.

"Remi, I know we had been friends with her for a long time. And we both know she would go to greater lengths just to achieve her dreams. Remi, I know it's hard to believe but in order to hide the fact that I'm the father of her baby, she asked someone to kill me. Because of Veronica, my mom died while I was in a coma and my siblings were now being taken into custody. I can't even take them with me anymore because I can't support them. We're being separated, just so she could get into that Mo Family!!!" Ethan revealed and it ultimately stunned Remi that she couldn't say anything. The two of them remained silent.

"D-Don't worry about your siblings. M-Mr. Mo had taken care of them. Maybe if we asked him nicely, he'll let you meet them again..." Remi stuttered after a minute of silence but she didn't manage to finish her words. She felt weak as learned how serious the situation had become.

"Mr. Mo?Mo Hanlu!?" Ethan asked surprised. His siblings were taken? But why? He looks around the room and he had just realized he was not in a hospital. When he saw Remi as he woke up, he thought those bulky men left him alone and Remi had found him and brought him to the hospital.

"Where are we?" He asked again feeling alarmed.

"Please don't worry. The man I'm talking about is the Eldest Mo, Mr. Mo Laotian? Unfortunately, Mr. Mo didn't believe she was carrying Mo Hanlu's baby and dared her to publicly announce it. Well, she did and that angered Mr. Mo." 

"If I was him, I wouldn't believe her either," Ethan commented still bitter.

"I initially wanted to tell Mr. Mo that Vicky was lying and beg to spare her. I didn't know you were the father of her baby then but Mr. Mo's men abducted me and brought here. Earlier one of his men said his enemy was eliminating us. I just didn't understand why. I don't believe Vicky would really hurt me, but now she did it to you." Remi said solemnly. It's still difficult for her to believe that her long-time best friend would want to kill her. Or even capable of killing.

"I'm sorry, Remi. That's just how Veronica is. Just look at what happened to me, I thought we were at least friends but I guessed I'm wrong. I understand I was never enough for her." Ethan mentioned. Remi nodded, tears building up on her lashes. The two remained silent again for a couple of minutes.

"By the way, I'm so sorry about your mom. I'm sure auntie is in a better place now." 

"Thank you, I guessed at least now she wouldn't have to suffer and she will be with Dad again. Anyway, you mentioned, this Mr. Mo had taken my siblings. Will they be okay? Are you sure he's okay to be trusted?" Ethan asked and stood up from the bed, he quickly surveyed the whole room and then viewed the hundreds and hundreds of trees outside the window.

"That's what his men said. Unless we talk to Mr. Mo himself we can't really confirm things. Whether he is trusted or not, we don't have a choice for now. Since we're a prisoner here."

"But at least we're treated quite well, or this is another trap," Ethan replied and rubbed his head where he knew the bullet that was supposed to kill him still remained.

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