Dragon Ball: Frost Demon


Dragon Ball: Frost Demon,

The title may be dragon ball: frost demon but he won't be full frost demon since I want our protagonist to have a gender. also I already have a woman in mind for him.

Our Mc is a man that loves DBZ. But his favorite race isnt the saiyans but the frost demons.

From here its pretty normal. Mc is killed by god, given 4 wishes and then sent on his way by a bored, pissed off god.

also I will try to make this better by going back and doing some research to make it more accurate atleast for the important events like with goku meet master roshi.

Mc will not become OP right away.
Not a harem, atleast I dont plan it to be but if it does turn out that way there will be no more than 2.

He will be separate from the Z-fighters by having his own team and meeting up with Goku and them enough to become friends with them but that's about it. Parts of Goku's story will change due to having met ou Mc but nothing really major.

Mc will have adventures separate from goku and will meet goku on some of those adventures. For instance while goku is dealing with the red ribbon army Mc will be making and dealing with enemies of his own.

chapters will be posted on my days off

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