Dragon King: Wind & Spirit


Dragon King: Wind & Spirit,

Joshua; a 23 year old single father has been given a chance for him and his son to start life anew in a new world after experiencing a great tragedy. But in the course of being transported the space gate they were in was attacked and both father and son and their dog was displaced through time and space.

They find themselves in a desert filled monsters and had no choice but to seek refuge in a magic college that has now been abandoned after it was taken over by the dungeon core that once powered it.

With his son injured during their displacement and in a coma; Joshua has to fight through different floors and levels of monsters he had only heard or seen in legends, racing against time in his bid to save his son.

But little did he know that he was brought there not by accident, but by fate and destiny. That had called him to be a hero capable of saving the fate and future of a universe. The Seventh King and Master of the primordial Dragon Of the Wind and Spirit. A Dragon King.

He would realize that his responsibilities are great, and he would be forced to juggle his responsibilities to saving the world, and being a father.

Part 3 Of The Core Universe Saga.

Written In Loving Memory Of Christopher Isa Omaye. This is for you Dad

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