Dragon King: Wind & Spirit Volume 1: The College Chapter 12 - Slimes (IV): The Floor Boss

Samson did not cover this in his lessons about the slimes, I mean seriously don't you think it would have been quite important to like tell me that 'hey JT boy, the slimes you're going to fight have the teensy tiny ability to combine themselves into one massive motherf.u.c.k.i.n.g twenty feet tall monster of gross and disgusting epic proportions.' I did not like to judge, but if I didn't know better I would say Samson was trying to kill him(or was he?).


"Seriously, with all of this mass and size your telling me you still sound like a deflated balloon with sparkles and rainbows printed on it."


"Oh I'm sorry did I hurt your feelings, I forgot to add that you also look like a big stupid glow worm that's had too much sugar."

"Chiii, Chiii!!!"

"So I take it you're the floor boss. Well why don't you just show me where the brand is. As soon as I destroy it I can get out of your hair and business and you won't have to worry about me again I swear on my broken pride."


Safe to say I was flung almost fifteen meters across the library with my body going through one reinforced bookcase after another. I was sure somewhere in my body there was a multitude of cracked if not broken bones.

"Maybe I shouldn't have called it stupid.... owww my back."

It was a little too late to show remorse or any kind of regret for provoking a 12 foot tall monster, but this was just how I was. I had a rather particular trait and character that's been a part of me for as long as I could remember.

I felt fear just like every other person, sometimes even more than the average human. But unlike the normal fight or flight response, my attitude and personality completely flips over, as a rather rude, fearless and talkative personality comes to the fore front.

But of course none of these facts were running through my mind, currently I was wondering if the slime would feel it when I poked my damn spear through its asshole. But that brought up another dilemma because I was not exactly sure if the slime had one.

Suddenly pulled out of my thoughts, my eyes widened as I quickly rolled to the side. There was a huge boom right beside me as dust and debris of broken wood flew into the air and spread in every direction. A fist the size of a couch had just smashed whatever was left of the bookcase that brought my previous flight plan to a halt to smithereens.

The floor however remained relatively undamaged, but the huge glowing visage staring at me over the top of another bookcase made my blood get even colder.

"Hi….interesting weather we're having today. If you don't mind, I believe a few hours out under the desert sun and smothered by its heat would do wonders for your skin. So why don't we call a truce end this farce, you know. On account of the fact that I just gave you good advice, you really need a sun tan."

Great advice or not, the only answer I got from the slime was the huge fist that was smashing straight for my face. I rolled again, but this time I was not fast enough as the impact of the slimes punch threw up splinters everywhere that dug and impaled me.

My skin tight jumpsuit and armor protected most of my body, but the right side of my head and most of my face had bloody holes in them with pieces of wood stuck in it.

I got up and a made a beeline for the trophy standing directly under the spiral staircase, my spear was lying there waiting for me. And even though the right side of my face burned and every movement I took was agony, the only thing on my mind right now, apart from the fact that I was repetitively chanting "I must not die for Max", was that I would take great pleasure poking that slime full of holes before I killed it.

I was scrambling through the rubble of destroyed bookcases and damaged books as I ran towards the trophy. From one end of the room it looked really small, however as I drew closer I realized that the trophy was actually a three foot tall and wide marvel of golden proportions, with a variety of jewels studded on it, just like the book I had found.

I was almost close to it, when I felt my leg swept out from under me. I hit the ground hard as my vision went white for a minute. In that moment I was completely disoriented and in such a way that I had no idea where I was, or who I was either. I could only rely on my instincts to keep on moving and hobbling towards the spear.

But the problem with this whole situation was that I had forgotten that I had two fully loaded guns holstered on both my thighs. However with how Intense everything has been, it was quite a surprise that I had not realized that I could have ended this whole encounter with one bullet.

But luckily enough for me, the mega slime was still as slow if not even more slower than a normal slime. This whole upgrade had exchanged mass, power and defense in exchanged for mobility. It was a pretty good deal when you took into consideration the fact that the slime had the capability to extend their limbs for long ranged attacks.

I was able to get my thinking faculties back on track as I picked up my spear and unhesitatingly climbed the spiral stairs that led to the second floor of the library. The top floor had an open balcony so I could see the slime, in fact both our gazes were in direct confrontation with each other.

I now had the advantage, well not really an advantage. But due to the change of terrain, brought on by the fact that I now occupied the high ground. I was no longer a walking target for big momma slimy over there.

Advantage or not it seemed the monster was not really happy about the change of situation. It did not mean it could not still attack me, only that it would be much harder now that I could see the attack coming. But even then the sheer speed of the next attack prompted me to move sharply to the left.


There was a huge crash as desks and chairs along with a few unlucky bookshelves were blasted to pieces. The shrapnel and pieces of wood flew every which way as the smell of mold and old trees filled my nasal cavity.

Almost immediately there was another tentacle heading for my head, without any room or chance to dodge the incoming attack I attempted to deflect it.

However this slime was almost a hundred times bigger than a normal slime and with a whole lot of mass and power behind its attacks. Samson for all his damaging training could not compare to the sheer power the slime was putting on display.

As soon as I tried to cross my spear over my chest in an attempt to divert the attack to another direction, I was hit with a force that jarred my entire body. And if there was an audience, they all would have had to been deaf, to not have heard the audible pop as my right shoulder was dislocated.

Combined with the force of the attack, I was shot through the top floor till I impacted the wall with a dull thud that pushed my dislocated shoulder back into place. I could not help the hoarse scream that escaped from my mouth as my body was wracked in intense pain and agony.

But along with that agony was rage and intense bloodl.u.s.t that seemed to have covered the entirety of my being. Almost immediately I got up, completely ignoring the pain in my body, with my spear held in my left hand and my right dangling uselessly by my side.

Helped and pushed by the bevy of pure adrenaline coursing through my veins, I took a running start and threw my spear completely ignorant of the pain that threatened to completely break my body down. The spear flew true and with almost impeccable aim headed straight for the glowing spot on the head of the slime.

However due to luck or bad luck the slime was able to lean its body to the left for just a fraction of a second. So instead of my spear completely going through the huge glowing crystal core, it only chipped a part off the crystal and was not enough to completely shatter it.


For a moment I was surprised that I missed, however the huge screaming that the slime gave out was enough to let me know that it was in serious pain, from the damage the crystal received.

It turned to look at me with what I was so sure was the most murderous look any slime to have existed could muster. But I stared back at it with an equally murderous gaze.


"Yes I know! But you're never going to get the chance to kill me! Mucus Head!"

It was funny really that both the slime and I were having a conversation at this point in time. What was even more surprising was the fact that I could somewhat understand the slime.


"ok then, see you in hell."

And with my piece said, I pulled out my revolver with my left hand and fired off two bullets with such speed it almost seemed like my entire body was a blur.

The result was the crystal core completely shattering and the entire body and mass of the slime melting down into a puddle. To be honest with all of the problems that I had been forced to go through by that slime, I felt its death was somewhat anticlimactic.

I would have really loved to put that beast through more pain, but it seemed it was a little bit too late now. I holstered the gun and berated myself about how stupid I had been. If I had used the gun right from the get go I wouldn't be as injured as I was now.

But Samson had instilled in me the importance of the limited ammunition we had. However I also remembered that Samson said that there was a weapons cache on every floor. If that was so, then why take such risks to keep the bullets when they could be replenished.

Samson was a complete enigma, because right now I completely felt the need to not trust every word that comes out of the mouth of that golem. His lack of straightforward information or withheld facts and outright lies had almost gotten me killed and this was just the first floor.

I shook my head in deliberation as I scanned the almost completely destroyed library, the cubicles were actually safe except for a few on the second floor, but most of the bookcases and their contents were strewn all over the floor and in a terrible state.

I attempted to take a step, however my adrenaline high wore off and I could feel every inch of my body aching in protest about the hell I had just put it through. I collapsed on the floor right where I was standing and closed my eyes in exhaustion. A little rest won't kill anybody right