Dragonborn Saga

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Dragonborn Saga,

Tags: +18, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Kingdom Building, Leadership, Animal Sidekick, Romantic Subplot, Creative MC, Strong MC, Anti-Hero MC

In his past life, [Jon Dare] was your everyday 25 years old who has a few money and a lot of dreams but his life changed or rather ended when he played the new release of [TESV: Skyrim Full Dive Virtual Reality] with the FDVR Technology. He overloaded his game with mods to the point of his brain getting fried.

When he opened his eyes once again, he found himself in [Honorhall Orphanage] in the city of [Riften]. He was reincarnated in his favorite game 19 years before the start of the game’s events.

Armed with knowledge about the future, unrivaled talent in all sorts of Magic and the power of the Voice, overpowered dark elf adoptive mother, girlfriends and a cat, the Nord kid will set out from Riften to find himself becoming a hero way before the start of the actual game events.

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