Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Volume 2 Chapter 1847 - The Truth is Revealed (Part Twelve)

Su Yue bent and gazed at him tenderly.

This scene was what Ming Ansheng had been looking forward to seeing.

He had been yearning for this day to arrive. His wishes and dreams had all come true.

He was contented and thankful.

"In the future, you have to listen to your mommy," Ming Ansheng instructed. He then gently stroked Beibei's head.

He gazed into Beibei's eyes affectionately.

"I shall follow your order!" declared Beibei as he let go of Su Yue to straighten his back. He then bowed before Ming Ansheng.

After changing into slippers, they entered the living room. Ming Beichen eagerly grabbed Su Yue's hand.

He rocked her hand back and forth and said, "Mommy, there is a parent-teacher conference tomorrow. Grandmother will definitely be with my sister and Daddy is so busy at work. Can you attend?"

Su Yue didn't know what to say…

Was she back to attend his parent-teacher conference?

This fellow really knew how to use 'resources' effectively. He already had something planned for her the minute she became his mother.

Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows and was about to reject Ming Beichen when a man's voice interrupted her.

"Beibei, you have another parent-teacher conference?"

Su Yue raised her head and saw a man wearing a blue shirt strolling towards them. He wore a pair of spectacles, and he had flashed a benign smile at Beibei.

This man resembled someone familiar. She didn't even need to guess.

Uncle Ming's older brother, Ming Anyu.

Su Yue's face hardened and she tightened her grip on Beibei's hand.

"Yeah!" Beibei nodded and he boasted loudly, "This parent-teacher conference is only for the top ten students in class."

Ming Anyu's eyes flickered happily as he walked to Beibei. He caressed his face and praised him. "Beibei is really awesome. I'm proud of you."

His eyes swept past Su Yue and he said to Beibei, "Your mommy just got back. She should rest. If your daddy isn't free, I can go on his behalf."

Su Yue blurted before he could even form a sentence. "It's fine. I don't need to rest. I can attend the parent-teacher conference. We don't want to trouble you," said Su Yue as she smiled at Ming Anyu.

She pulled Beibei closer to her quietly, with no one noticing.

Her eyes gleamed with hostility as she looked at Ming Anyu.

A streak of surprise flashed across Ming Anyu's eyes when he heard Su Yue. He peered at her and smiled. "Su Yue, I am Beibei's…"

Before he could finish his introduction, Su Yue interjected, "I know. You're Beibei's uncle."

She pressed her lips and smiled brightly.

Ming Anyu was startled but he nodded. "Yeah, his uncle."

He looked away to hide his awkwardness.

"It's alright. I was thinking of visiting Beibei's school as well. I should familiarize myself with the directions, as I need to fetch him in the future," Su Yue put her arm around Beibei, as though a deep bond between them had been forged.

Ming Anyu smiled at her. "Sure."

There was a subtle trace of disappointment in his tone.

Su Yue flashed a fleeting smile and steered Beibei towards the couch.

Xiaojiao was finally awake. Wang Yuexiang presented a tray of snacks to win her favor.

She knew Xiaojiao well since all types of snacks were her favorites.