Eternal Love: A Love Story

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Eternal Love: A Love Story,

LW: " You' right.

My wife is good at cooking, good in medicine, good at being narcissist......and I am sure, she will be good in bed too."

XM: -__- " Shameless"


It' a story about a girl Zhao Ming who is Empress of the Ji Dynasty. She was despised as the Empress by her husband and her mother in law. As an Empress, her position in the palace was as low as concubines.

One day she fell in the pond and drowned. She thought she died.

But when she opened her eyes she was in an unknown body and unknown place. It was the 21st century. She transmigrated from ancient times to modern in the body of a girl named Xie Ming who is the wife of the business tycoon Jin Liwei.

This is a story about how two girls switched their souls and transmigrated to different times and places. This story will show their life in different surroundings and finding their true love.


And let me tell you, it' not like other transmigrated stories where love takes its sweet time to blossom but you will see many sweet scenes and get to eat dog food.

There must be questions you were wondering about. So to know these answers just read it. I will give you all the answers to your questions.


JL: "Do you think, you' some kind of princess or what?"
XM: "I am not any princess, but "Empress" How dare a commoner to talk to the Empress like this. 


Release schedule: 2 chapters / day

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