Ethereal Paradigm

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Ethereal Paradigm,

Sent to a First-Person 'Reality' game decreed by the Divines, and where killing should be the new norm. Would players go head-to-head? Or hand-in-hand?

Ethereal Paradigm. An order where deities are mandated to choose a human vessel, and a system where one concept reigns supreme: Play the role of the predator or become the disparaging prey. Cliched isn't it? Not exactly.

Quite similar to that of a contemporary online game, the system incorporates a virtual-like environment for the player's grandeur. The only difference it makes is that you are not on the other side of a computer screen. It is undoubtedly real. It's a gamble where your LIFE is laid as the COLLATERAL. You win? You have your wish granted and you get to play a cameo in deciding humanity's ultimate fate. You lose? You die a vile death without anyone remembering your legacy.

And here we find a life tainted with nothing but monochromes, Jaiden. He unknowingly became a part of this serious game after signing a contract with the Goddess of disambiguation "Lacrimosa", without first reading the terms and conditions. Little did he know, that he is about to become the vessel of the goddess' will, a wielder of her immense power and that soon, he will venture the mystic land of "NÆthervale".

Later, he meets a girl, the Prima Donna of Germany High. In a game where killing is nothing but taboo, would they lay their lives on the line for the sake of others? Or succ.u.mb to an insatiable hunger for the irrational?

It is one hell of a war where darkness runs to and fro, seeking whom he may devour.


Author's note:

I don't own the original artwork. The ill.u.s.tration is owned by the rightful owner.

Any names, characters, and events are all fictitious and the contents are satire. Any resemblances in real life are all purely coincidental.


If you are into fast-phased storylines then this web novel MIGHT NOT suit your criterion. Moreover, I assure you will have a great time! Please do give it a chance.

Lastly, this novel has already been given a contract as of February 2020. Moreover, the signing would be delayed due to my lack of government-issued ID. It will be implemented as soon as I'll have the prescribed and required identification doc.u.ment. God bless! And have a nice stay!

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