Factory Inc. Volume 2: Volume II Chapter 176 - 176

The Berserker saw Luna and Howls.

The howl is not just regular scream it was infused with energy so every building surrounding the Berserker was almost demolished. Luna immediately run away she didn't even bother to take out her weapon she knows her weapon won't do anything to the Berserker skin.

Fenrir also notices it he didn't bother to be the hero as their goals are to buy time, so he dashes in the opposite direction.

Luna tried her best to dodge but no matter how she does the energy blast from Berserker are damaging her mechs one of her wings is caught up with the Berserker punch, so she was sent flying into the distance while spinning uncontrollably she almost passed out from the impact and nauseousness even with all power converted into the shield the impact affected her greatly she pukes a mouthful of blood she tried to get back up. Luckily for her when the Berserker was about to finish her of Fenrir throw a huge rock at the Berserker taking its attention away from her.

She stood up shakily there was destruction all around her she saw the Berserker dashing in the location of Fenrir trying to catch him, fortunately, Fenrir in a small amount of time was able to gain some distance from the Berserker but it is only a matter of time before it caught up to him.

All communication with Gaia was cut off because of the massive energy being released by Berserker so Luna didn't know if the others already made it to the emergency transport, but she wasn't willing to gamble, so she stood up ready to buy more time.

The Berserker was throwing things at Fenrir while furiously chasing after him so while running he was also dodging that slows him greatly he expects for Berserker to catch up with him in a few seconds.

Luckily his wolf form is perfect for running away. He didn't notice that he was already drenched in sweat. He looks back and Berserker was already behind him and about to swing its fist. With extreme focus, he tried to dodge the attacks, and he was successful but what he didn't expect was for the ground to explode when the Berserker punch reach it.

He was caught by the explosion and before he can do anything Berserker caught him. Fenrir knows his time is up. Berserker roar and throw Fenrir into the far distance the G force was too much even for a 1-star clone like him Fenrir felt all his bones are disintegrating his vision blurred and then nothing...

Luna saw what happen and couldn't help but scream "no!"

She knows she needs to escape fast so using all the powers she has she control her mech and run away.

The Berserker immediately notices it and instantly dash to where Luna is.

Unfortunately, Luna mech is not as nimble or fast as Fenrir mech so it didn't take a long time and Berserker was already on her back swinging its fist. She knows she won't be able to escape she can only pray that her companion was able to reach and escape if not no one will be able to escape here alive.

She turns back and saw Berserker fist about to reach her, but she didn't close her eyes she looks straight at the fist that will end here. It is like time slows down she remembers the face of her Boss sisters who she has gotten so close with, the only regrets she have she wasn't able to meet her god before she died.

But as the fist of berserker reaches her a huge Shadows block the attack.

She notices six huge wings on the back of the shadow.

"Good job buying time," said the shadows throw something at her, and when she caught it she notices it was the c.o.c.kpit of Fenrir's mech.

"Go now there's transport waiting for you in these coordinates." Said the shadow.

"Thank you! And you are?"


Luna hearing the name knows it was the legendary General of cl.u.s.ter drones and one of her Boss first great General.

She nodded and not wasting any more time she dashes away.

Legion seeing it smile. "Sorry for the wait I know you can talk," said Legion.

Suddenly the Berserker smile. "Unexpected you woke me up!" Said berserker in a very deep thunder-like voice!

"I see so you are in Berserk mode and only wakes up when threatened."

"Close enough," said Berserker.

"I didn't think I would encounter something like you after the war. Very unexpected." Said Berserker.

Legion was on his battle mode unlike the mother's core transformation when they enter combat mode. Legion Combat mode is only a bigger version of him.

But the aura Legion was releasing was comparable if not greater than what Berserker was releasing and that aura is what wakes him up.

Legion is no longer the same legion Arc left behind before he leaves to complete his urgent mission.

With every mother core assimilated with Legion his power skyrocketed and with every additional drones created his intelligence increased. Legion now has over 50 mother cores assimilated and millions of drones as Arc gives more core to him before he left.

No one, not even Arc can predict how Legion can grow into something this powerful.

In fact, even Legion himself is unaware of just how powerful he becomes.

Because of legion countering Berserk aura, Gaia was able to re-establish communication.

Oda and the rest finally got a good look at Berserker and what surprised them is the Black Giant and Legion calmly talking...

The commander and the professor were inside the deep bunker when suddenly all tremors stop.

"What's going on? Did berserker already killed all the intruders?" Said the Commander.

"No, that's not it! Even if all life has already been killed the Berserker won't stop destroying things.." Said the professor.

"So why did he stop?"

"Give me a moment." The professor then took out a sort of a gadget… beep beep beeeeep...

"Impossible!! no way!!!"

"What? What's going on?" Ask the Commander.

"I just read two energy signatures with almost the same volume of energy. Meaning there someone as strong as Berserker that just appeared!"

"Huh? You mean the enemy also has a Berserker?"

"Maybe... hmmm... No! Two berserkers won't fight each other that's already been proven. Put two berserkers in the same area, and they will join hands and destroy everything." Said the professor.

"Then! Are you telling me our enemy has someone as strong as Berserker strong enough to stop Berserker?" Said the Commander looking pale.

"I,… impossible how's this possible!? Did we awaken a monster when we decided to invade this galaxy?..." The professor mumbled while shaking in fear...

Factory Inc.

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