Fate's Reversal: The Divines Return

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Fate's Reversal: The Divines Return,

Reincarnation? The act in which a soul transverses ethereal limits and finds itself once again experiencing its past events; a second chance.

However, that wasn’t the case for a young soul. Unlike the typical reincarnation, the matters related to the individual known as Kaiden Smith and his soul was complicated. After wallowing in despair and finally experiencing his death, he was blessed with the opportunity to return to the past. Only, the way he returned and what he returned to wasn’t what he knew.

Mysterious events that he wasn’t previously privy to were happening. As a result, he walked a different path. One where his rise was unstoppable. The reversal of his fate marked the beginning of the events that would once again mark the Return of the Divines.

Entering the new VRMMO which in his past experiences was the world’s leading VRMMO; he looked to dominate the game. However, it soon dawned on him that this game he was playing now was entirely different at its core from what he played before.

The journey to unraveling his destiny and capturing his fate began.


Please! Also, this novel includes Mature Language as well as EXPLICIT s.e.x.u.a.l content. Therefore, 18+ is absolutely advised.

Author's note:

This is my first ever written novel, therefore please bear with me here.

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