Fate's Reversal: The Divines Return Volume 2: Budding Fabrication of the Myth Chapter 220 - Covetous Eyes, Period of Convalescence


Truthfully speaking, the raid participants were completely shocked by the way the events unraveled. The shot Kaiden has just performed was a one-hit execution! Seeing as he possessed a rudimentary Law of Fire, the shot itself operated on a higher basis. Priorly if he didn't there was a chance of the strike being unable to incinerate Qreugehr in one shot. After all, 6.4 billion Health was no trifling amount. 

Needless to say, everything followed the intended route. In response, a revolting damage value appeared above Qreugehr's head as his being melted from existence! Black smoke and nearly indiscernible ashes were being left in place. Multiple people remained slackjawed. However, immediately after they all felt a pang on of discontent.

If he possessed such an item why didn't he use it earlier? The raid member numbers had been mutilated. Perhaps if he took this step earlier then the current situation would never have come about.

-7,222,379,500! (Critical!)

[System: 1/1 Defeat «Qreugehr». Final objective complete!]

[System: Congratulations, «Phase Two: Encroaching Darkness» has been completed. Rewards are being calculated based upon contribution. Please hold...]

- Level +2-5 

- 2,000 - 10,000 Reputation

- 55 to 80% chance to receive Violet Gold Treasure Chest.

-18 to 40% chance to receive a Platinum Treasure Chest.

-2 to 5% chance to receive Epic Treasure Chest.

- 1 to 3 Skill Points.

[System: The quest Prevalent Darkness has been cleared. Your contribution has been determined to be off the highest rank. You have been rewarded: 

- Level +5 

- 10,000 Reputation

- Epic Treasure Chest.

- 3 Skill Points.

«Bonus Items»: [Hidden Sky Pathway Permit]

As the golden radiance fell over multiple people, some frowned while some became jubilant. Clearly, some were discontent with the rewards received for their efforts. Unfortunately, they were permanent and there was no way to change. Kaiden on the other hand was perplexed, achieving the highest rewards he reached Lv.66 in an instant.

On the other hand, incredulous gaze passed around the area as the situation astonished them. What they were expecting was the boss's domain being damaged and possibly facing a weakened boss. Witnessing an outright execution was outside of their expectations! 

'T-This... my god. Whatever else resides within his possession, I fear he'll be an existence not to be provoked,' thought Teros. Meanwhile, Ibram and the others narrowed their gazes on Kaiden. Too many great items collected on one person of insignificant powers in their eyes.

'It is below me to get involved with an insignificant Hyper Intuition Realm such as himself. However, I may have to make an exception. It would seem, I will have to pay closer attention to him; his possession and undisclosed ones as well have intrigued me. Regrettably, we don't reside within the same Empire,' thought Ibram as his sights fell upon a pondering Kaiden.

'Hidden Sky Pathway Permit?' thought Kaiden as he glanced at the archaic scroll floating before him. Although it looked like it enlisted for many years, the inscription as well as the glyphs upon it looked fresh. Hence, he remained befuddled as he searched for information.

Unfortunately, perhaps it wasn't time yet as he was unable to unravel it for the system to bestow further information. The only thing he could see were two lines of information.

「Item: «Hidden Sky Pathway Permit»

Item Rank: Unranked (Unique)

Information: When within the sky, a hidden chance would present itself. It is a divine chance which appears once every era. It is up to you to claim the opportunity provided.

Effect: ???」


Meanwhile, after receiving the quest rewards everyone sat to recover vitality. Now that they were in between phases it seemed they were completely unaffected by the atmosphere. Breathing a sigh of relief, many people fell into meditative states. Especially people such as TerrorAssault and Teros. They sacrificed entirely too much of their mental energy.

"There wasn't a message alerting us of any next phase nor was there an option to be transported out so what does this entail? I'm slightly confused," stated Symbolic Soul as he approached Kaiden. He was expecting a large change. After all, this is the first time after completing one of the raid quests that they weren't immediately launched into the next phase.

"Perhaps SIGMA understands that forcing us to continue in our current state would yield negative results. There isn't anyone among us who isn't suffering from mental exhaustion," added Intact as he took a seat on the cold floor. Be that as it may, sitting was the best position to enter meditation due to its natural alignment.

"That's true but still, that just makes me worry that much more. A recuperation period just means what is to come exists on an entirely different level when it comes to difficulty," respond Symbolic Soul as he began frown while also utilizing the breathing technique Kaiden taught him. 

However, before doing so, Kaiden retrieved an Item which had no use until now. Immediately after, a dome appeared around him and his members. His reasoning for doing so rested in the importance of what they were doing! While it was allowed to circulate among his member, by no means would he let it enter the hands of the public—his breathing technique that is.

Based on what he learned from TerrorAssault upon his first usage of the technique, it was at least 10 times more potent than even the highest grade cultivation techniques he had come in contact with. Usually, he would have been at an impasse when it came to advancing his cultivation. It was partly the reason he ignored it coupled with the fact that he regressed to taking care of his family.

However, now it was different! The Art of 16 Quintessential Harmonic Cycles effortlessly refined and advanced his cultivation! It even seemed to be changing his Celluar Energy into some other type of Energy. In essence, he felt the distance from the Divine Prospect Realm shortened immensely. If that was the case, then there was a chance it could make even the top of the cultivation world stronger.

Of course, his actions made the other's skeptical. Especially so for Toxic Goddess. After all, she had tried to tamper with his mind to no avail. In light of this, she believed he possessed some secret of rather large capabilities. If so, she wanted to know exactly what it was. If it was able to shield a Hyper Intuition Realm person's mind from a weakened Divine Prospect Realm expert's tactics perhaps it could even make her abilities stronger.

'I wonder...are his secrets limited to the game or not? Even then, it turns out this game has an effect on the real world. So even if it is limited to the game world, it truly isn't. In fact, the fine line between reality and here is becoming harder to perceive,' thought Toxic Goddess with a slight frown.

Her perception repeatedly bounced off the dome surrounding Kaiden and his people. This was a foreign concept. It had been many years since coming in contact with a person or material capable of halting her mental prying. After all, being a pure mental-type high-level cultivation, her perception was even capable of being weaponized. 

"You might as well cease your actions," interjected Ibram with a tranquil expression. His gaze calmly scrutinized the awkward dome before him, before continuing while shifting his gaze, "If I'm not mistaken then the item used to facilitate this dome is an Epic Item. You won't be able to pierce it with your mental intent. You'll simply have to wait until he deactivates it or the duration elapsed."

"Are you not curious how he received so many items of high rarity? I get that you're an old man. But you must possess desires… I fail to believe someone is able to sever all desires. This is especially true when I've seen you become angry," squinted Toxic Goddess while leaning forward with a smug smile.

"One must understand that emotions and desires separate entities. One must first learn to control their desires before they seek to control their emotions. Besides, why covet items which will soon fall from under their grasp. It's useless to desire when you can simply plunder," lightly chuckled Ibram before turned around and slowly closing his eyes.


Narrowing his eyes, Kaiden locked his sights upon the 4 entities standing in close proximity. Although they were able to perceive the events happening inside it wasn't the case for Kaiden. His senses weren't hampered in the slightest; in other words, the earlier words didn't fall upon deaf ear.

"So they covet my items. I already estimated this to be the case. However, they'll have to pry it from my dead hands. Even then, they still wouldn't receive any of my items. Unlike others, my items are safeguarded," chuckled Kaiden. One must remember, his Spatial Ring has a special effect. The items inside couldn't be dropped.

In truth, the reason they were unable to be dropped rested in the fact that the area was an Isolated Spatial Zone. In other words, the items inside existed in a totally different space separate from the one surrounding Sanctoria. 

"Key, what happened to that item you just used?" asked Snow Bunny as she took a seat next to Kaiden, wrapping her arms around his. A lovely expression rested in her eyes as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Oh. Unfortunately, I don't possess the requirements to take up that Legacy. I had to forcefully use its attached skill. But, it possesses a large drawback," frowned Kaiden as he probed the dull Law in his Soul Temple. The bow had sucked all the generated Fire Energy from his Law! 

Furthermore, immediately after he took the shot the bow receeded into a dormant state. More importantly, it reentered Kaiden's spatial ring of its own accord. In the eyes of others, it seemed as if Kaiden exhausted the uses of the item. However, that wasn't the case. Instead, that wasn't the case; it entered the dormant state to remain at its peak state to bestow the utmost quality of its prowess.

"Well, it feels oddly similar to the one in my possession. Do they possess some type of deeper relationship?" questioned Snow Bunny as he curiously tilted her head up towards him. She wasn't privy to the fact that the descendant of her Legacy actually remained within Crescent Wake Town.

"I believe so. When your Legacy reaches its full potential perhaps we'll find out then," nodded Kaiden as he then began to recount the conversation between him and Cynthia.

'Pyrotian is her ancestor which would mean the progenitor of Kassandra's Legacy is his wife, perhaps. The history of the empire she originated from intrigues me. I wonder how much information she possesses.'

Exactly 2 hours passed, at that moment another change happened. A large scale rumbling took place as the back wall of the Corridor of Haunting Dreams opened revealed an expansive, obsidian staircase. The length was unable to be determined, however, the width allowed for nearly all of the raid participants to climb at the same time.

[System: …]