Fleshcrafting Technomancer

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Fleshcrafting Technomancer,

A second chance, a failed reincarnation. He lies on a wooden stake, burning amidst a sea of jeering rabble, at last grasping alien truths. In this new world:

Good cowered.
Order Perished!
Damnation Reigned!!
And if God can't save him, the Devil shall!!!

Follow Kilian as he sheds his last bits of innocence, trades his soul for a third chance, and rises to tame a wretched, dystopian world through devious cunning, unorthodox sorcery, and a little harem of monster girls on the side.


Author's note:

Graphic violence and detailed s.e.x scenes are to be expected. I do not own the cover.

Because this is a new story and I don't want to rush things, we start with 7 chapters per week. More as we go forward.

Welcome to hell!

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