Forsaken Worlds


Forsaken Worlds,

The boy, a child hated by those around him and deserted at a young age forced to a life of depravity, though never losing hope for the future.

A wolf, the runt of his litter, thrown away for being useless and a waste of food, forced to wander the streets afraid and alone.

One thing however is for certain and that is that fate has brought these two together, but perhaps Fate may also be the one to tear them apart.

Watch as they move through oceans of blood and the complicated paths of this world born anew.

Will they fight and win or will they be torn apart by the never ending march of change.

The Forsaken Worlds.

I had this cool idea and putting it to action, this is not my first time writing a novel but it the first time I've felt so dedicated towards one, so I ask that you all please be lenient and try it out.

My Update schedule depends on the support I get for this novel, so for now it'll be 2 - 3 chapters per/week.

Please Enjoy at your leisure.

-Yours Truly, Nokute.

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