Fox Lost In Another World Volume 1 Chapter 13 - Memories of the past part 3

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The elven lady leads her to a room feed her, dressed her wounds, and even used healing magic on the ones that couldn't be healed by simple dressings.

"Child, you came to the forest of time, now you must know that since we have met you will have to follow my training, my orders so your body can become the bringer of change to this dying world."

She spoke with a voice you'd think would come from someone that hasn't spoken for years decades even. But the girl only nodded since she had been training since she could remember.

The odd lady decided to let the girl rest for a week tending to her wounds, making her bath in some stinky black tar-like substance that she can only leave the water once it was clean… it was odd for her, but it keep making her stronger day by day to the point she had three times the strength before, but sadly it was only temporary since she was forced to train even if it was basic, she was forced to train so she was covered in black gunk that seemed to pour out of her skin which burnt worse then the fire spell the mage cast on her.. this went on and on…

But as time went on the lady then added weights well it was a simple bracelet that seemed to increase gravity on the girl and forced her to run in a single direction but no matter how much she ran she would seemingly always appear in front of the cottage once she was tired, then as if it wasn't enough the older lady then forced more weights on her and made her do setups, push-ups, handstands, even pull-ups, and all sorts of other things. It started out with small amounts and slowly went higher and higher to the point she was only ever done training once it turned dark…

To make matters worse she was forced to hunt for her own food, thus she had to track out and kill animals… that looked scary to her but as she was use to killing even though it made her feel sick she kept telling herself she had to eat. But at the start every animal nearly killed her leaving her broke and bruised to the odd elf picked her up and dumped her into another bath and made her do it all over again so she could eventually kill the weaker ones and then she was forced to skin, bleed, prepare, and cook it herself.

She ended up messing up a lot at the start, even burning herself quite often too she actually made them eatable…

This was only the start of her training… after that she was forced to bath in green stuff that felt like her body was being burnt alive from the inside out even though it was cold to the touch at the start it kept getting hot and hotter she would scream for help cause once she was in it she couldn't even move anything but her mouth and she was left in this for what seems like forever but really was just a month…

surprisingly the elf feeds her even through the pain she feeds her liquid foods that were easy to swallow without harming herself from the pain.

But once she was let out, everything seemed cold… even a fire to warm one's self up didn't affect her that much, the elf apparently told her she had her bath in poison so much of it, in fact, her body was slowly being destroyed bit by bit, and the food she gave her regenerated her body over and over and over again to she gained immunity to the poisons, which meant all the known poisons the elf knew in this forest was now no longer a threat to her. She did warn her that it only stopped the poisons from the forest, not the ones grew or made outside of it.

If that wasn't all of it.. she started making weird magic seal like papers sealing the girls growing power to the point she was as weak as she was when she first arrived, only to make her still train as hard as she had before the seals were placed, and the baths tend to have a reddish tent after that something about being the blood of beasts of this forest, and that once the bathing was done and her body took in enough of it after a month most beasts won't attack her unless she attacks first.

But it was more painful than the poison, and she had to take the poison when her body was at full power… the only problem with this is the beast bloodbath made her go wild, and thrash around like a wild animal even managed to harm the elf lady a few times before she was thrown out of the house only to come back at nightfall covered in wounds to be thrown back in the bath again… this repeated for what looked like a year so she could control the wild tendencies that came from the bath now she only had a slight wild air around her but she didn't thrash out or attack unless she was provoked.

But was that the end? Nope… the lady then put more seals on her to make her again as weak as she first arrived. And kept increasing her training again, but this time she was forced to fight what looked like demons…. that the lady summoned she even had her arms cut off a few times as this went on, it took two years of fighting them and healing by the elf leaving quite a bit of scars on the little girls body that made her look more of a mutated monster than a child, but through hit all her face, ears, and tail haven't been harmed one bit.

The number of demons kept rising throughout the two years, in fact, it wasn't too she was capable of handling one hundred of them without getting hurt did the elf lady stop summoning them.

So after three and a half years…. the girl didn't even seem to age one bit. Her body was still the age of a six-year-old, in fact, now that I think about it her mother was… young looking almost as if she wasn't even eighteen at the time, and her father only looked twenty…

"It is time, for the final seal, and then set you free into the forest, however, you live, or leave the forest is up to you, this if you can even leave, my time is done."

She placed a stronger seal then before on her enough to knock the young girl out. But when she woke up the cottage and the elf was gone as if they were never there in the first place…

The old girl freaked not knowing what to do… she just stood there in shock for what looked like hours before she got hungry and had to eat, she ran into the forest looking for food… only to find… disgusting looking men that seemed to have ran here to get away from something.. but the way they looked at her riled her wild side more then she'd like to know, not that she knew why but from me seeing it from an outsider view I know that disgusting look of l.u.s.t they gave her…

She went wild killing them slowly one at a time as if she was enjoying it, she even had a creepy smile the whole time, as if it was just a game… she ended up cutting the their ability to escape away first… and like her father done her with the animals, she pulled the first one she hit in front of the rest

And tore his clothes away from his chest…. and slowly stabbed him in the kidney and twisted it around seeming to enjoy the scream of pain the guy had as if it was music to her ears… she slowly pulled out the blade only to stab him again and again and again in the most painful of ways, the worst was when she stabbed in him the privates and twisted the blade hardly so hard you could hear a ripping noise as his pants was covered in blood…

He had fainted at that, and to her disappointment she just killed him on the spot. While moving on to the next one, this time she took an hatchet that he seemed to be skilled at and cut both his arms off one at a time then cut off his legs, before dragging him off to another guy with a creepy tone coming out of her mouth she threw the guy onto the other and told him to eat… if he did she'd heal his arms and legs back, but where his mouth was… let's just say you don't want to know… and that if he didn't do it she would force another guy on him, in fear he did as he was told. While she seemed to be dancing slightly at the madness and painful screams that came from the guy being slowly eaten from the h.i.p.s up as he is slowly hitting the guy on top of him with all he could…

But before he could hit hard enough his arms was cut off as she was grinning happily.

"See~ this is what happens when you're weak! You can't protect anything being weak, you can only watch them suffer, or end them quickly~ but if your too weak you can only sit and watch as the ones you care for die slowly and painfully~"

She then laughed at them calling her a monster and a demon. In fact, she enjoyed their fearful screams as she started playing with them in different ways… some you don't wish to know it would kill ones purity. As she played with them some laid on the ground with sunken eyes of what they been through clothes ripped off them leaving them n.a.k.e.d on the ground as she got bored with them and killed them while seemingly checking on what they were cooking before she came in.

And as that was to say she ate the food they spent the time to cook and took all of their supplies but left most of the weapons behind as it wouldn't do her a lot of good with the way she fights, she only took a few daggers and what looks like a deal of medical needles. Along with some spices and food and ran off laughing and humming in between bites, leaving them, well a few alive and broken as they watched her run away only to be dragged away without any resistance when animals came in hungry for their blood.

I know mentally broken girls when I see one… and this girl is one so broken she started to have fun torturing and killing things as you'd see as one of the demon generals in movies and novels, that makes the hero want to kill them, and you who reads or watches it side with the hero because you don't know what the bad guy been through, but the acts they do is unforgivable.

Watching her find a spot on a tree to sleep was quite fun… as this little evil cute fox finally found a tree that she was able to climb and had a big enough spot for her to sleep. It was actually fun seeing her sleep even if I only see it for a small minute before it jumps to her next awaken hour, it showed the innocence a child should have.. the only time is her sleeping form.

Sighing as I watched her wake up for what could have been an instance, but since not many people have memories of their dreams or what sleep looks like it would be hard for me to remain there while she slept. But why is she so stupid? Yes stupid she is stuck on the tree like you'd see a cat…. that climbed up it but is too afraid or too stupid to climb down the same way… yep… here she is

Looking a bit shaky as she is hungry and doesn't seem to know how to get down…. well, that was too a bird landed beside her scaring her enough to make her fall with a thud, luckily it was low enough that it didn't do much more harm than a few… but still. the crazy girl seems to only be insane at times of danger? That I am not for sure, but right now she doesn't even seem to be crazy like she was when she basically tortured the will to live from the men… she seems like a cute timid obedient girl that was with the elf lady and her mother if you didn't see her crazy outbreak you'd think she's a cute, well trained, but cute girl.

But what is strange is her healing rate, it is quite almost inhuman to the point when watching her fight her prey for food she ends upbeat and bleeding, but it stops after a few minutes though it scars up and doesn't leave fast, it stops bleeding and heals enough that it doesn't seem to bother her. Though she cries every time it hurts before it heals, well when she isn't crazy and eats the food as if it was normal.

Well, this went on… for what seems like another year and a half, marking it the fifth year in this forest without physically aging.

Something happened she-got hit by what looks like a flying snake in the heart, not enough to go all the way through, but enough to knock her back and before she could move the snake wrapped itself around her neck tightening itself around it tight enough it cut into her skin and her from shock and the surprise attack couldn't muster enough strength or timing to stop it and she went black…

And now I am standing before the very girl she is looking right at me this time as if she can see me.

"Yes I can see you"


"Yes, as sad as it is, I never got out of the forest… to only see it was that close to leaving"

"Yes… your life was quite harsh… wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy"

"Your life was quite bad too…"

"You saw it?"

"Yes, as you had seen mine"

"So what happens now?"

"Well… I move on, to be born again, while you take my fate and bring change to this world. Though I would rather destroy it."

"I know…"

"See~ we are alike, even from different worlds, we never fit in did we?"

"I was fine… the killing was just a way of living"

"I only showed you my past because I have one and only one request from you, you can change the world or not I don't care, I want you to make my momma happy, I don't care what you do to that bastard of a father we share, but momma needs to be happy okay?"

"You know… as well as I, I'm not good with showing love to others"

"It's fine, just don't let father hurt her"

"And your brother?"

"You can ignore him…. but as you know… this world is akin to a game in your old one~"


"Yes, it was an otome game your friend played over and over and over…."

"Really? I don't remember any six-year-old female rival or heroine in it"

"Yes… I was technically supposed to not have run into the forest, apparently… I was saved by father and after that, he practically spoiled me in regret for his actions on raising me…."

"So being six, means… I skipped it all?"

"Well, technically your eleven still… even if the body didn't age~"

"So… I can technically undergo the coming of age thing?"


"I think I rather wait…."

"That's true~ but you must realize by doing this you will be playing the mature version of the game~"


"Yes, can't believe you don't look at your memories~"

"And the main rival is?"

"that would be your sister~"

"Uh… mother isn't pregnant"


"Then why would I need to worry?"

"Because the seals will slowly unseal eventually~ and your, our, power will slowly be shown… and in the game, we didn't control it well out of jealousy of our sister, and the heroine both for having happy lives"

"Hmm… I see…"

"Since you don't seem to care, or are worried there is no need to fear, but you are still apparently a rival in a few of the routes, a minor rival, but still one that happens before they can even reach your sister."

"But I don't care"

"boring~ you know how I love to mess with people… cutting them up and other things~"

"Yes, and it doesn't make me care or worry any"

"I guess a trained assassin won't freak at it"


"Well, time is almost up… I can feel momma is trying to wake you, so I'll give you one last warning. Do not lose yourself to the power within the body, don't let your jealousy for the lack of love I had or you had in your past life blind you… our little sister will be spoiled and treated like a princess given everything she wants, as a way to not have a second accident like that happened to you happen again, but then your free to torture, kill, or harm them as well~ but that would only bring your own end"

I didn't even get the chance to reply as I was woken up with a worried looking mother.

"did you have a nightmare?"

She asked worriedly… but why? Tilting my head in confusion seemed

"your crying"

Hmm? Reaching up to make sure she isn't joking, and sure enough, I am crying, but it isn't me that's sad… I can feel it the final farewell to her own mother before she moves on.


I could only answer this way because it was true… the girl's life was a living nightmare.

Fox Lost In Another World

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