Gacha Sovereign Volume 9 Chapter 702 - Blackwade Clan's Secret

"I have been looking forward to meeting you for the past few years." Alex cupped his hands and smiled.


Although his portrait had been spread all over the continent, no one recognized his face with a single glance. It took them a minute before one of them muttered.

"Is that Alexander Sirius?"

"Alexander Sirius? The leader of Spirit Nest?"

"That mysterious influence that is rumored to be the eighth big influence?"

The people started talking among themselves, but for Alex and Song Jiaoren, the commotions were insignificant. Both of them were studying themselves and had yet to utter a single word after the greeting.

"I want to talk about many things… But I suggest it's better if we talk privately, don't you think so?" Song Jiaoren asked with a smile.

"True enough. I am sure you are sitting here because you are waiting for me, right?" Alex smiled while glancing at a few private rooms that had been filled with people from Seven Great Influences.

"Indeed. Let's go to Blackwade Clan Private Room. I will ask all of them to go out first while we are talking." Song Jiaoren rose from his seat and stretched his hand, asking Alex to follow him.

Alex nodded and followed him upstairs as the previous maid guided them. She never thought that the person she guided earlier was a big shot.

As soon as they arrived at the private room, Song Jiaoren said. "I apologize to all of you, but can you leave the room first? I want a private space with this gentleman."

No one dared to raise an objection because they knew what Spirit Nest was. With the two leaders talking to each other, they would just invite their deaths if they stayed inside.

However, the moment they opened their door to go outside, a young girl suddenly appeared and ran toward Alex before clinging to his neck.

"Big Brother Alex! Hehe…"

"Evelyn?!" Alex was startled to see Evelyn this aggressive.

"It's been so long since the last time we met." Evelyn grinned before glancing at Song Jiaoren, who simply closed his eyes.

"Are you good in the Drunken Pavilion? Did Elder Manness bully you or something?" Alex asked worriedly.

"No. I am fine. Master has been teaching me patiently this whole time, and it's thanks to your past training that I can reach 5-Star Martial Monarch at this speed." Evelyn released her hands and puffed her chest as she was proud of herself.

"That's good." Alex nodded with a smile. "Although I want to talk more with you, I have another thing to do. Can you wait for a little bit? I will talk to you later."

"Fine." She pouted and walked back. "I have many things to share with big brother Alex."

Alex waved his hand to her before his smile faded as he looked at Song Jiaoren with a serious expression.

"I have heard about your relationship with Drunken Pavilion's Evelyn, but this is the first time I see it. It seems you are more intimate than the report." Song Jiaoren checked Alex's expression.

Alex didn't answer him and simply took out his Supreme VIP Card.

"!!!" Song Jiaoren narrowed his eyes and asked. "May I check it?"

Alex nodded and placed the card on the table.

Song Jiaoren took out his card and placed it near Alex's Supreme VIP Card. The two cards started glowing in red color, making Alex somewhat confused. He vaguely remembered that it was blue when Song Yu checked it, but to think it suddenly changed. Alex started becoming nervous as he wondered if something was wrong with his card.

"Red?!" Song Jiaoren gasped as he looked at Alex with a shocked face. "This… I am sorry for my previous rudeness, Sir Alexander."

Alex tilted his head in confusion and asked. "Why are you calling me, Sir?"

"For a normal VIP Card, they will shine in Blue Color. However, there is a strict instruction from my family that if someone has ever met a person holding this red card, they need to be respectful." Song Jiaoren answered hurriedly.

'System?' Alex asked inwardly as he remembered that the system would lead him in this situation.

[It's not my time yet. Just act like usual.]

Unfortunately, he got an unsatisfactory response from her. Alex scratched his cheek and asked, "So, what is this card all about?"

"I am afraid I can't say anything about this because I am yet to know whose card you possess. May I know where you got this card?" Song Jiaoren asked politely.

[My wife gave it to me, and she is not from this world. Say it that way, Host.]

Alex twitched his eyebrows but still followed her instruction. "My wife gave it to me, and she is not from this world."

"!!!" Song Jiaoren perfectly understood this meaning and cupped his hands politely. "You are indeed the holder of our Supreme VIP Card. However, I would like to check whose card is this, and I need to check it with the main clan. Will that be alright with you, Sir?"

"Why do you need to check it?"

"As you already know that there are many worlds outside this world, our clan is merely a branch clan. The main clan is the one that has given a few Supreme VIP Cards to other people. That's why I wish to confirm the original possessor of this card. After all, we have been specifically instructed to act according to the card holder because they have their own characteristics."

Alex furrowed his eyebrows and asked. "I have checked this card before, but it shone in blue color."

"I assume you checked it with the Blackwade Clan in the Northern Continent, right?"


"Then, their cards can only identify a normal VIP Card. Even in our clan, there are only a few cards that can recognize your Supreme VIP Card, and mine is one of them."

"I see." Alex thought for a moment and asked the system. 'Should I accept this invitation?'

[If you want to have their cooperation, it's better to do it early.]

Hearing the answer, Alex nodded. "Fine. We will go to your clan after this banquet. Will that be alright?"

"Thank you for your precious time, Sir." Song Jiaoren bowed to him.

Alex was startled by his sudden reaction and asked the system.

[Blackwade Clan originated from outside this world, and their power is strong with many God Rank Experts inside. I can't say many things and your connection with you, but I can still explain a few things.]

"Tell me what you can." Alex nodded.

[As long as they are not a fool, a branch like them won't dare to hurt you due to that card. The main clan has a decree about the treatment of Supreme VIP Card holders. If they raise their hands against you, the Supreme VIP Card holder can activate the card. The main clan will realize and send their expert toward the branch and exterminate the clan.]

[The real status of Supreme VIP Card holders is that of an Elder in their main clan. That's why the Blackwade Clan in this world is so scared of you and needs to be polite.]

[Of course, it is not easy to get a Supreme VIP Card from the main clan. There are many ways to get this card, but mostly they needed to turn the fate of the entire clan on their rise. Even in the whole universe, there are only six of these Supreme VIP Cards.]

"Such a precious card…" Alex was astonished. "To think I got it in the lower world and it was classified as a Rare Item to boot… I am impressed."

[The system deemed it was a weak and useless card that didn't possess a single power. That was why it was ranked so long.]

"I can relate that. You are always this way, after all." Alex chuckled inwardly. "Anyway, I can understand how big this card is."

Song Jiaoren looked at Alex with a weird expression and thought. 'It's my blessing to meet such a person in this life. According to the record, Alex could ask for a person and elevate their status in the main clan. I will try to serve him to the best of my ability and hope he can make me enter the main clan out there and become a God Rank Expert. Song Jiaoren. This is your once in a lifetime chance, don't waste it.'

For a branch clan, it would always be a dream to enter their main clan. In fact, only him, his father, and his grandfather know the existence of the main clan. If they knew that he could serve a person holding a Supreme VIP Card, they would be overjoyed and asked him to serve him well.

He clenched his hand and nodded before recalling Alex's conflict against the Fire God Clan along with the treacherous First and Third Elders. He would surely report this incident to his father and grandfather as soon as he returned to the clan and have them executed.

Meanwhile, Alex didn't know what he was planning since Lin Xingzhi didn't tell him about it. She wanted Alex to decide it himself in the future.

"Is there anything you want me to do, Sir?" Song Jiaoren asked politely.

"First of all, call me Alex. I feel troubles will come to me if you call me Sir. After all, my status is only the leader of Spirit Nest while you are the young master of Blackwade Clan. Can you do it?" Alex asked.

"As you will, Sir… Albeit, I would like to ask you to spare me because I will still act like this in private."

Alex thought for a moment and nodded. 'To think I get something like this right after meeting the rumored Song Jiaoren. If only you can inform me before this, System.'

[What are you complaining about? There is nothing much that needs to be changed in your plan, right? Don't make me the bad girl.]

'As you say…' Alex sighed inwardly before he noticed another person coming to the great hall.

He had long red hair with a graceful appearance. The maid guided him to the upstairs, signifying his status.

"That is Eric Hinga. Although he has been hidden under his brother's talent, he is harder to deal with than his brother." Song Jiaoren introduced him. "I heard you have some conflicts against the Fire God Clan. Should I kill him?"

"Do you think it's possible? He has two 8-Star Martial Saints." Alex looked at him.

Song Jiaoren fell into silence. "It will be hard because those elders will surely come to his aid. We have brought our elders as well, but I doubt we can kill him on this opportunity. And considering how his brain works, I am afraid he still has another trump card that makes him confident to come to this banquet."

Alex stroked his chin as he fell into deep thought. "We will go to your place first before discussing this. I will let him have his moment this time."

"I understand."

As soon as Eric entered his room, the walls and ceilings around them suddenly moved as if it was swallowed by the floor. It turned out that the room itself was made of soft material, and it was folded in such a way that they could open it.

This way, there was no so-called room and let the participants enjoy the banquet with each other. To his surprise, beside his room was the Phantasm Sect room.

His eyes met with the current successor of Phantasm Sect, Astennu. However, his attention was distracted by the woman on his side, which gave him a sense of familiarity.

He activated his Spirit Eyes out of curiosity as he sensed that the woman had the strength of a 3-Star Martial Monarch.

Suddenly, Astennu sent a thought transmission to him.

'Someone wants to meet you, Alexander Sirius. In fact, she is coming with me just to meet you, and she said you are a careful person, so I will say this first. I am not someone who wants to fight you, that's all. You will regret it if you don't meet her, so if you are interested, you can come to Izakura Inn, a bit farther from this place. We are staying on the top floor.'


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