Metasteam. A city on the moon of planet earth. The year is 2614, cyber-steampunk robots make their living in the city of the moon. Ruled by the two bosses which split the city into what they call the turfs. there are two turfs: Rose and Violet. Some robots take up to their leader(s) and some just avoid this whole thing, not taking any part of the political side of things... Though if a robot were to search for happiness and a good time there is only one place... Working as usual the little bar located in the right northern sector of town operates to bring happiness to our citizens. The bar owner brothers Zick and Jack always do their best to serve their customers (as good as they can....), well.. until they kinda messed up, a little incident with the boss' mafia might have put business on a little hold. Read as our brothers go through a journey of their lives and fight through with love as action, drama and mystery are surrounding them the whole time while the story progresses.

(This book has contents not suitable for children, such as s.e.x.u.a.l content, violence, cursing etc.)

(This novel is currently with its first act finished and now continued and will have all of the GeadKiller series in it instead of doing multiple books while being updated almost each day hopefully yet in the near future will go through small changes in grammar, speech and misspells of any sort to make the experience better. Hopefully soon or so this book will be complete and will be the first to start this series of GearKiller.)

Original story, art and design by Naor Eliahu. (HappyChills)

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