Genius Loosers Of Konoha


Genius Loosers Of Konoha,

Hidden in this chakra-cultivation world lies a terrifying secret, they say chakra is they only key to increase power but some people might think differently.
Akatsuki may be very dangerous but thier lies a more powerful group, dormant, lying in wait for the right time to strike its prey or maybe they just want to go back home.
Author's note:
I do not own naruto or anything related to it. sadly.
I do not own cover image. sadly.

 You can also read my other works on fan fiction, lookout for stigma, even though
most of them will deviate and may go wrong as i wrote them almost ten years ago. Back then almost nothing was known about the main plot of naruto series.
Basically right now i am just copy pasting
because i wish to continue this story after so many years and finish it. I will again warn you
plot will deviate and go to the west.

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