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Genjustsu Legend,

Naruto is known around the village as the demon spawn of the kyuubi killer of the Yondaime ,and his wife, and is despised and hated by the villagers, but his classmates know him as a scholarly caring young man who no matter what has a smile on his face, some say he should not even be a ninja.but what is under that smile is it hatred,love, or even loneliness or is it a caring young man who wants to help. We might never know or he might just show his true colors who knows he might just shatter your reality

"Kudakero: Kyoka Suigetsu..."


Infamous man challenge
Naruto is an Espada member is the whole theme of this a lot of these include him dying than becoming an Espada member only to die and be given a second chance as that Espada member. That's the main way I have read but you can do something different I have even seen one with naruto as Ulquiorra and Hinata as Tier which was an interesting combo.

Anyway, now that that is out of the way I hope you enjoy the story

Author's note:

So first I will say this is not my story the original author took this down and someone who downloaded it posted it online I wanted to share this here because one I enjoyed it, and two I might continue it or I hope someone picks it up. There is harem with a max of 5 girls and R-18 scenes I know not everyone likes them, but what can we do anyway last thing before your journey starts is I wanna bring a writing challenge here for those don't know what to write or people who wanna write fanfiction and just don't know what to start with

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