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God Demon Link,

I am Mexican and I barely know English so have patience in the spelling mistakes you have.
I am using the translator of a page to write this novel from Spanish to English.
Hello I am red sky author of this novel, I am a newbie in writing but I am armed with courage and started writing this novel that deals with:
- protagonist: Qin link damn you stole my childhood friend, my sister and all my harem.
- villain: Qin link son of a bitch, you stole all the fortune I put together in my life.
- beautiful woman: Qin link come fast and give me your seed, to have your son soon.
After the misfortune comes the fortune, but the fortune of Qin link will be the misfortune of all the others.
- Qin link: system tell me, which world should I visit now to expand my harem, increase my fortune and be stronger ?.

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