Guanyin's Journey To The West


Guanyin's Journey To The West,

I have arrived in another world and become Guanyin Boddhisattva, a guy who looks like a woman with endless passion for all.

When I was still in the 21st century, I wondered if Guanyin had a d.i.c.k. After I have become him, I look down and check it...... Oh, I do have a d.i.c.k.

I used to think I can help every living being getting out from all sufferings, until Buddha says to me: 'Now that naughty child Sun Wukong is your responsibility.' After that, my daily has become clearing up the mess done by Buddha, done by that monkey Sun, done by Jade Emperor, and done by other boddhisattvas. It is hard to earn payment as a boddhisattva these years.

As the Goddess of Mercy Guanyin with tens of millions of followers, I am busy with dressing myself like a woman to get back their monk robe from the evils, transforming into a woman to test their sensations, enlightening them as a woman since then......

From Lingbo Fairy, to an eighty-ish old woman, I have transformed into every possible woman form I know.

If I have one day free from Sun Wukong's bothering, I will be impressed and cry and light three insences for myself in one of my temples.

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