Heart Of Purity Volume 1 Chapter 92 - Future thoughts

In the world he came from, Haruto realized there would always be a certain degree of danger for all of the people he had ties to, Mayumi, Touka, Kaya, Eto, and possibly even Katsumi.

Of course, one of the first things that came to mind when he thought about them was the fact that when he was away from them, what would happen? Or rather, what could happen?

His worry overtook reason and instead of seeing that his thoughts were overly complicated indulged in the thoughts of bringing Mayumi and Katsumi over to this world when he returned to them and purified that world too.

In the world of Purity, he learned a little thing which regarded the purification of worlds as all he did, in truth, was speed up the events which occurred in the world and to go through them all to bring the world to what fate decided it come to be.

By this thought process, in the other world all he had to do was to bring the safety of the world to an all-time high whilst allowing the need for heroes to passively decrease. Globally, he would need to get to all of the big bad bosses and put them through some purification therapy.

Planning was something he would have to do whenever possible because if he had to face the unknown and ended up being caught off guard then things would happen which he could not imagine purely due to the aspect of the unknown.


Warm beams of sunlight gently heated the surface of his skin as his eyes opened after he meditated with his [True Muramasa] resting on his lap horizontally. It turned out that through his meditation he could feel a connection to the sword and this connection created mental energy which enlightened him further in the way of the sword.

Sometimes, he could hear whispers which were just quiet enough for him to not be able to hear them correctly. Faces appeared in his mind as today was the last day before he traveled back to see them.

Currently, all of the continents other than South America were completely purified and as of this moment, Haruto was flying over the skies of Brazil. His journey was surprisingly easy as the language barrier he thought would exist, simply did not.

Instead of being unable to communicate with the people using their Native tongue he found they all spoke in the language in which he was most proficient with, Japanese.

At first, he thought it was just a coincidence but after going through five European countries and hearing nothing but Japanese assured him that it was not a coincidence and something had a hand in his easy times.

Instantly after this thought came to his mind, Akasuki gave him an answer to his question which made his worries vanish into nothingness as he found out that as communication was part of living, he as the Embodiment of Purity was able to communicate universally as what he heard was translated to Japanese, whilst what others heard from his mouth translated to what language they had the most proficiency in.

When he planned the trip around the globe, he decided to pick up bits of the languages to assist him in his mission, however, this endeavor became useless.

The world was amazing, the cultures of many places were naturally interesting as he was fascinated by the multiple types of living style which differentiated from place to place and country to country. All over, in many places the diversity also surprised him, for example, Papua New Guinea was the most linguistically diverse country in the world whilst Toronto was the most culturally diverse country in the world.

Entertained by the features of every place he visited, his online streaming continued as he adopted a new persona as he knew the world was looking for his other account. On this account, he streamed his day as he traversed the cities and traveled the globe which allowed him to amass a large number of followers, and his concurrent viewers always reached stable numbers due to his handsome face and likable personality which had twinges of light and dark.

<Mission Complete>

Whilst he flew amid his thoughts, a panel appeared in his mind's eye which lured his attention as he softly landed on a nearby Favela and retracted his wings as he sat down.

[World - Tokyo Ghoul]

Goal - Rid the world from Bias against Ghouls

- Completion rate: 100%

- Rating / S+


- Mysterious Ornate Box (???)

In his [Inventory], the Ornate Box appeared, the surface of it was brownish and as he took it out and held it in his hands it remained covered by an aura that seemed mysterious its weightlessness caused him to perceive there to be nothing inside.

Instantly, a strand of curiosity pulled at his mind as the story of Pandora's Box appeared in his mind and the desire to see what lied within the box sprouted and magnificently grew to extreme proportions before his impeccable will kicked in and he managed to return it to his [Inventory] as he somehow knew that if he opened it something would happen which he would not like to happen at this particular moment.

A notification sound from his phone disturbed his thoughts and when he read it, he found out that the flight back to Japan was departing two hours later.


At the airport, as Haruto stood up to board the plane before numerous red lasers appeared on his chest and head. Following the arrival of the lasers, multiple armed men ran into the airport and in a formation closed in on Haruto, surrounding him.

Instantly he understood the governments were looking for him since his streams in Japan. They had probably followed him and narrowed the purger down to him after they saw a 100% decrease in Ghoul activities around the same time that he arrived in the countries. Of course, the only reason why they appeared now was that they had only just figured it out after months of following the areas of decrease.

Putting on an act, his expression took the one of a scared eight-year-old who'd just witnessed a big truck explode in front of themself.

His pants became wet with water which he created from his practiced time in the World of Purity as his time to produce [Mana] from the [Essence of Purity] and the [Essence of Taint] was reduced down to a millisecond. After his rigorous training, he could now easily form the four elements in less than a second.

Whilst traveling, he came across a Ghoul with abilities similar to Tatara's in that they produced lightning with their Kakuja, absorbing their cells allowed him to gain an instant lightning generation ability. He had not come across a third Ghoul possessing these abilities since,

Looking around with a facade of anxiousness, Haruto was shouted at by these men to put his hands behind his head.

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